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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 11:03

( Special Report ) Malatya Branch Cem Foundation President Doğan:\"Not Dedelik Authority in the Old Power \"

( Special Report ) Malatya Branch Cem Foundation President Doğan:\
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Cem Foundation Malatya Branch President Ashraf nature, in Alevism'Dedelik'stating that the former power of the institution , \"Why dedelik within the faculty of theology , Flame does not provide training related to Islam ? My Qur'an my Prophet I , hadith'm no different that .

Malatya news: But it does not teach . What does this mean ? After yet more wise grandfather one or two generations away Alevism there will not be anything , \"he said .
Nature, is expressed as a cem house every Alevi house , \"Cem houses, revolutionary law is a heavy price to pay to put it in context . If 20 million Alevis in Turkey are Alevi 5 million homes, each house is an Alevi cem houses . You will hit a seal or lock them which one? Urbanized with along anymore repeatedly population of 30-40 households village to fit on the 50-100 square meters has been the case , \"he said .
\" dedelik AGENCY NOT OLD POWER \"Photo \"Dedelik'institutions of the old power Stating that Dogan, said:\"after the Cem Foundation, established in Malatya, we have our traditional first-Speed ​​bite at a wedding hall . This should be a persecution for political authorities that govern us . In our first Aşure Foundations Park , we have exposed . It was at the Ministerial level associates . But should have been different. This absence are to be recognized in a place or recognize your identity by political authorities had more pluck us from each other . Of course these grounds'Dedelik'institution is not in the old power . \"Photo Nature ,'history has been no period cem house', arguing that inconsistent with the history of the word,\"Arapgir district affiliated Repair our neighborhood construction of cem houses Sultan Keykubat period is 1224't . Therefore, the person at the head of some institutions governing Turkey'There has been no period in the history of cem houses , the official Islamic mosque temple is'not consistent in their history. Or go well , 789-year period of Sultan Keykubat Repair neighborhood made ​​them see the cem houses . Worship is wrong to compress between four walls.'The Earth has created you the mosque, \"you say. There is a no recipe . Koran is one of the basic provisions of the Quran in the East and the West belong to Allah . Where you rotate your face , you see there is God'Therefore, it is an error to call God a project between four walls. Cem houses is imperative reasons ? 40-50 square meters room in villages , it was sufficient to eliminate the need for collective worship . Along with urbanization thousand , 2 thousand-seat hall can even not be enough , \"he said.
\" CEM HOUSES ANY PLACE ITS NOT \"Photo Nature , stating that is not connected to any place of cem houses , \"Cem houses are not connected to any location. Our insistence , the political authority of the'cem houses , please legalize the'we, we mean you have a disorder and are institutionalized . Corporate activity as well as functional , you emerge with a project cem houses , it is also as required by cem houses through a specific training in the civil servants , came and mail sitting get a necessity , \"he said .
\" Alevism SUCH THING WILL REMAIN \"Photo nature , noting that there is no institution that educates grandfather , he continued:\"who do not know Arabic and Persian'Dedelik'I can not. Quran hatmet not people'Dedelik'I can not. But he broke up again, this institution is supposed to stand up . You know that when he stood up in , a place also for ignorance would be a struggle ; I accept Turkey as the leading country in the Muslim countries, it is also important to get up in the direction of sectarianism . Where science and reason is not because of ignorance. How do you create the knowledge and wisdom ? Of course with educational institutions. Today there is no institution that educates grandparents . Why dedelik within the theology faculty , Flame does not provide training related to Islam ? I'm Qur'an , the Prophet I , hadith that I am not different . But it does not teach . What does this mean ? After one or two generations away yet more wise grandfather Alevism there will not be anything . The way to prevent this , a moment before the legalization of cem houses , is the institutionalization and training of civil servants accordingly cem houses . After that people can embrace. \"Photo \" FLAME TO BE SO SO NOT EASY \"Photo Flame until recently of the community courts , judges and lawyers do not know the expression that nature ,\"it is to be a Flame It is not easy . It is a very heavy load. In fact, there follows an oral tradition ,'thin hairs , mightier than the sword'is called. Name of Muharram or get another cem , put it in your'right to use'You can not enter the inside. There are so severe penalties , such as to leave the region. Excuse 24 hours,'Go home and install'they say. This is why , until recently, courts the Alevi community , wherever they are , judges, lawyers did not know . Because we had a legal system of its own traditions . The grandfathers have high morals , his grandfather also aspire disciple is obliged to have high morals. Or is it you can not go inside the door , \"he said .


( Special Report ) Malatya Branch Cem Foundation President Doğan:\"Not Dedelik Authority in the Old Power \"" comments for.


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