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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 10:18

( Special Report ) motorcycle Truck Collision memories on camera

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In Bursa, where two people on the motorcycle collides with a van Viewed second by security cameras .

Bursa news: Meters due to the impact rising uncle and nephew were saved because they were wearing helmets .
Accident According to information obtained yesterday Nilufer district centers Meskhetian Street occurred at 3 kilometers . 16 FB 276 Gazenf watching motorcycle plate B. (28), trying to get to the main road used by T. Ismail 16 BFT 10 plate van collided . Motorcycle driver with Gazenf B. Alper B., on the back of his uncle , were saved because they were wearing helmets . Hand and arm fractures are formed Gazenf stated that B. was in serious condition . Split uncle-niece , was taken to hospital in ambulances arrived at the scene .
Second by security cameras viewed Accident memories . Pick-up truck collided with a motorcycle in the two-person through the air and then fall to the ground the moment the cameras yansırk , environmentally esnafından Ugur Argana earlier, the same intersection, resulting in a traffic accident a woman lost their lives , adding that \"this intersection red light placed supposed to because the car very fast watch because it often accidents are happening . today, two people were injured . authorities this intersection a remedy should be found. now more of our people injured , \"he said .
neighborhood residents Alper believe the authorities junction related to finding a solution wanted.

( Special Report ) motorcycle Truck Collision memories on camera" comments for.


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