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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 12:00

( Special Report ) Municipal Courses in Izmir in'Double Standards'Allegation !

( Special Report ) Municipal Courses in Izmir in'Double Standards'Allegation !
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Izmir municipality was alleged double standards applied by universities and preparatory courses in high school .

İzmir news: CHP Karsiyaka district municipality , public education is being driven forward by the central exit permission from the office of the governor is prepared to open the course , along with the AK Party Menderes Municipality, have vomited for 8th and 12th grade students was implemented . Karsiyaka Mayor Hasan Arslan ,''with us , even a municipal course that led into action after us. I think that no political reasons us permission ,''he said. Photo Karsiyaka Municipality, county shaft of education and county public training center with the protocol signed by Karsiyaka Municipality Training Center ( with Cibei I ) name , both high school and university preparation , free profession for both public ownership led courses. Classrooms will be given of course in the old service building Karsiyaka Municipality was made available to education . However, despite the Provincial Directorate of National Education inspectorate reports prove positive, was put forward to a kind of notification to Karsiyaka Municipality . Photo PRESIDENT Arslan:' WHAT MATTER OF GOODS I WILL OPEN 'Photo Karsiyaka Armstrong Mayor Hasan , of themselves , like other municipalities that run courses in Izmir education and ensure equality of opportunity in education and expressing their open courses to ensure that people have a profession ,''say the open classrooms of our municipality . The fee for the services provided Frontpage is a special business area . How do we do it while I stayed on the government's decision on the closure of a private educational institution . We hope to open the classroom, we are opening a free courses according to public bodies, municipal laws . I was inside the boy studying poor people in subsubsidiary , n going to provide equality of opportunity in education, can not read also want to read the subsubsidiary going to not go with the student , not vocational courses for the solution of unemployment and women going to gain a social life I will give this to the public what service? Whatever the price, and I blame most of that course , I would in the end . Moreover, before us , with us , and even municipalities have opened course into action after us. Although the Provincial Directorate of National Education inspectorate reports prove positive, was not somehow communicated to Karsiyaka Municipality . I think not given us permission for political reasons ,''he said. Arslan , they Karsiyaka argued that the notification by the District's report.
< Strong> PREFECT ARI:' WE ON MUNICIPAL not open Photo Karsiyaka Governor Mustafa bees , no more that the government's decision regarding classroom will be opened in Turkey , expressed in the yayınlandıog a circular in this regard ,''We discussed whether 22 we opened our office in our school from the national training courses on this kun . Municipalities will not be open classroom courses. You do not need to be open already . Çiğlili we opened the children get sent to these courses . Municipal education in our state , and you're left to fulfill their primary duty ,''he said. Governor bees course for political reasons that the claims are not tripped , he said there are no obstructions in front of the vocational courses . Photo Menderes'< strong> TA COURSE START Photo On the other hand , allow course for students in subsubsidiary çıkmazken , the AK Party , directed by the Municipality of free courses began to meander by high school and college students who are preparing for the President. District 8 with the protocol signed with the Directorate of Education and Training held for interested students to 12th grade students was also intense. Performed for the first time in the district administration showed more than 700 student participation in the first place . Free training books by the application , the students were distributed to municipalities . Menderes Mayor Bulent noble and District Education Director Akif war began distributing the books with students working together . President Noble, \"Both 8th grade and 12th grade students question bank and narrated books were provided free of charge by our municipality . Books has received approval from the Ministry of Education is prepared to make a contribution, the education of our children. A step in their exam marathon , enter in their arduous training process we show every support we can to be ahead , \"he said .
application not begin to see more than 700 students are studying in the first place Menderes , President Noble, will be held in this regard under MEGE name soon for free courses Menderes Youth and Education Center ni gave the good news that they will implement .


( Special Report ) Municipal Courses in Izmir in'Double Standards'Allegation !" comments for.


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