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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 13:54

( Special Report ) Namik Ekin , parachute jumped from the Bosphorus Bridge

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The world famous retired SAT commandos Namik Ekin , again signed a record.

İstanbul news: Parachute the Bosphorus Bridge, 71-year-old Ekin , as most elderly people , broke records at the lowest parachute opening . Photo Bosphorus Bridge at 12:00 hours from Namik Ekin , descending from the car and went to the bridge railing. Ekin Ekin's wife Fatma and citizens did not follow the trial record with anxious eyes of Ortakoy Coast . Then the old SAT coma Namik Ekin , he left himself down from the bridge railing. Namik worried glances between Annex , opened his parachute to stay 20 feet into the water. Then made ​​a healthy sea landing. Ekin , waiting for him to output Coast boating Ortakoy . The beach is waiting Fatma crops and citizens, was greeted with congratulations Namik Attachment. Photo UAV correspondent Answering questions Namik Ekin , \"jumped from the oldest and most low , we strive to be the person who opens the parachute at the lowest . Allah has bestowed on us . Now 10 days I will try to break the longest remaining record 10 nights aquarium. There are then 178 tons of weight lifting. this bridge was very important to me. I am a gift to this jump, my wife and all amateur athletes . I thank Galatasaray President emotion Yarsavut in . It was Sponsor \"he said. < br/> after purpose of the 3rd saying that to jump from the bridge Ekin , \"we wrote to our President . I want to jump in the hope opening . Parachutes I will be in the form of the Turkish flag. I will gift him with our President ,\"he said .
crops , many of these types of events saying that we need to be flashy, \"But we've done so quietly he encounters an obstacle ,\"he said .
broke the record as the oldest Ekin said , \"then people will need to be 72 years old. A week were thrilled. My wife was having the same excitement . I thank you , Mr. Governor and all our officials . This information technical work . We need to promote our country Turkey joining hands now on my next record , \"he said . Referring to suicide events in the Photo Bridge Namik Ekin , \"Suicide or life you are so sweet. Certainly they think. You understand there comes out . Life worth living , \"he said .

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