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  • 02 Ocak 2014, Perşembe 13:39

(Special Report) Needle shot for back pain has had a stroke Claim

(Special Report) Needle shot for back pain has had a stroke Claim
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Ramadan in Sakarya kayaker, 14 months ago went in the hospital with complaints of back pain after needle shot was claimed that temporary paralysis.

Sakarya news: Sakarya Ramadan kayaker, 14 months ago low back pain went with the hospital who was shot in the needle after temporary paralysis is claimed.
35-year-old Ramadan kayaker, experienced back pain succumbing to 19 September 2012 on Sakarya Yenikent State Hospital Emergency Department went to. A shot himself after needle pain is temporary paralysis of the right side claiming kayaker, 5 months that remain bedridden and still bears the traces suggested that temporary paralysis. Although about two times to sue the hospital and can not get a result right search request asserting that prevented the continuous kayaker, even wrote a letter to the Prime Minister about the issue and wait for help from Prime Minister said. A stroke work due can not be married, and 1.5 year old boy who owns the kayaker,"Emergency me a needle shot, needle struck temporarily paralyze made. Paralysis we make could not get up and down 14 months ago, in my workplace, I can not work. Another one I have children, 1.5 Years What more can I say? wrote to the authorities, no one was interested in me, everyone shut the door on me,"he said helpless.
go to work, could not and can not work describing the kayaker,"Monthly I can not, now the economic situation because of my foot is so because the lady call's failing. Hanim are sad. I stroke before the Han neighborhoods in the organized industry in the furnisher next baby cradles were doing. stand up when I'm on my feet Pain is doing. sitting was working. I like when you bought me, what do I know work late because I do not my face off, tore the work and I do not stay as the minutes kept. Bente notary office a notice pulled. Here I left. Therapy for Umuttepe Izmit Research Hospital'm going. My treatment there is continuing,"he said.
twice sued explaining kayaker,"Officials who gave me this there want. because I world the cost've. than 14 months since the 20-22 billion cost to get something. fuse is gone, the journal is gone, lady all bracelets broke. anything left, the left remains a dry stayed home,"he said.
a living SSI receives from the rest of money to try to provide explaining kayaker,"All my livelihood Rest money on. 6-7 months later it will be finished .'m not getting unemployment benefits. what can I say, it does not want to hit the needle, what else could you want?"said.
Ramadan Kayakır shot himself claimed that paralyzed the needle Yenikent State Hospital made a statement on the issue.

(Special Report) Needle shot for back pain has had a stroke Claim" comments for.


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