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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 10:02

(Special Report) Not applicable But 88 years is discussed

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BDP Diyarbakır deputy Altan Tan, Hats Act do not apply, although it is applicable for the abolition of the law to Parliament on 3 April 2013 gave the proposal.

BDP Diyarbakır deputy Altan Tan, Hats Act do not apply, although it is applicable for the abolition of the law to Parliament on 3 April 2013 gave the proposal. Proposals are still being discussed in the Parliament commission.
November 25, 1925 on Parliament adopted 671 No."Hats İktiza Law"with members of Parliament and officials as a title hat to be worn were obliged the Turkish people and also the contrary habit perpetuation of men were. The law was published in the Official Gazette of 28 November 1925 entered into force. Hats Act, 174 of 1982 Constitution According to the article"reforms"the laws (whether alleged unconstitutionality of the law can not be canceled) took place between. Hats in the National Assembly the adoption of the Law, has caused protests in various Anatolian provinces.

BDP Diyarbakır deputy Altan Tan, 4 in the law proposal given to Parliament in April 2013,"No. 671, and 25/11/1925 date of acceptance Hats economically Law on the 5237 and 26/09/2004 dated Turkish Penal Code 222'inc of Article repeal of"demanded.
Tan, offer justification of the following statements replied:Hats
Law'' that come before the date of 25 November 1925, the country had seen some changes in professional attire. Since 1925 in Ankara before the Republic of the Union, then the title of the gendarmerie and naval forces wore sunshield. Then the various government departments and schools began to be worn in the new title and caps. 21 C February 1925 nursing students at the School of Nursing opened in Istanbul Red Crescent Custom veils on their heads, began to wear a hat to cover instead. From August 2 at the courthouse and court judges, bailiffs, court clerks began to wear new clothes and hats. Hat Law exiting one and a half years ago, his"Frankish Mukallitlig the (imitation) and the Hat"with her book The Ministry of Education (National Education Organization) by a margin of appreciation İskilipli Cited teacher, 32-page work to be issued in hat law had criticized. Law after leaving the book were confiscated and about for the examination started İskilipli Cited teacher, December 7, 1925, arrested Ankara Independence Tribunal was judged to be innocent understood patents Despite its shall not be left 4 C February 1926 day in the morning the old parliament building Karaoğlan near the bazaar had been executed.''
Tan offered to law,'' also in opposition to or does not obey this law are criminal. For example, in the article of the Turkish Penal Code 222'inc writes :Article 222-(1) 11/25/1925 No. 671 of Hats economically About the Law, 11/01/1928 No. 1353 of the Turkish Alphabet Acceptance and Application of the Law on imposed bans or obligations to those breaching the two-to six-month imprisonment is given. Democratic and modern country which claims to be-Turkey this type of freedom restricting smoking a moment ago, must be regulated,'' he said.
Law proposal, the Hat Law acts contrary to the penalties laid Turkish Criminal Code to substances grounds listed. Accordingly,'' Article 1-This law needs to be removed or held in the new constitution. Moment due to the current laws of the deputies, administrative agency employees, members of the judiciary, municipalities, special provincial administrations, general administration fees of the Board officers are required to wear a hat. Opposition to these laws and punishment to those who review these laws to the detriment of some of these laws are foreseen, but no one, and many people do not follow the law when making a comment is against the comments. Some law practice in society, is no longer valid. There is therefore no contradiction. Prosecutors do not comply with the law or legal process to begin on or repeal of the law is required. Article 2-E hat wearing this Article punishable to government officials, the law is not applied due to lack of norms of our time and has taken the shape of a mere formality. Should be given to those who wear hats with these laws do not apply penalties to anyone. In this sense, the law needs to be abolished'' was given in the statements.

(Special Report) Not applicable But 88 years is discussed" comments for.


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