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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 09:55

( Special Report ) Pain Dinmeyin think he wanted to die

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For kidney pain in Adana Province Adana Numune Education and a person with pain relief from Research Hospital wanted to go to the hospital's roof suicide .

Adana news: Photo by information obtained, Ozan Üyenarık (18) arose while sitting at home yesterday at 16:00 kidney disease as well . Üyenarık waiting to pass through a period of pain , along with her ​​mother and close to the island to withstand pain as a result of increased Numune Training and Research Hospital, went to the emergency room. Here began the treatment process by saying that needle painkillers that control kidney stones in Üyenarık doctor . But that pain to go through the pain Üyenarık dinmeyin doctors said it was a very difficult situation . On top of that a little pain after the doctor has said it will pass. However, the more I wanted to do a needle renewing pass Üyenarık pain that many are suffering . Doctors said they could not. Thereupon Üyenarık observation room with serum lying on her arm has never seen anyone in the serum of beer out there to remove the observation room in the last floor with elevator Checkers went through other parts of the hospital. To bear the pain Üyenarık asked to leave the void . Meanwhile told the police noticed the Üyenarık from patients and relatives to the hospital. Photo Üyenarık the police and doctors with relatives struggled to dissuade him from suicide. He said he wanted to die in agony , holding their Üyenarık kidney. For a while everyone has endeavored to convince Üyenarık . Behind a person who benefited from an intermediate ecstatic Üyenarık approaching thoughtfulness pulled him down . Üyenarık to discourage doctors from suicide , police and officials later down'over'sign made ​​. Üyenarık then restart the treatment according to the hospital.

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