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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 12:34

( Special Report ) Rice Paddy's Capital Osmancık Start in October

( Special Report ) Rice Paddy's Capital Osmancık Start in October
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Osmancık produced in rice paddy lands which became the brand began to prepare for planting .

Çorum news: Osmancık produced in rice paddy lands which became the brand began to prepare for planting .
frenetic way of continuing their studies Osmancıkl rice producers, rice field irrigation channels and I cleaned in the water , making the water needed to make paddy cultivation began keeping . Dry last winter after a period for sowing their fields, preparing rice producers this year were hopeful but Turkey's high quality rice produced even though they receive the money they could not voiced.
This year of rainfall much due to lack Kızılırmak'a water level from time to time fall and that so paddy cultivation during the preparation phase difficulties that were inhabited Osmancıkl paddy producers, the weather becomes warmer with rice cultivation within a short period should begin , he said.
Osmancık river basin approximately more than 30 years of rice farming makes Ismet shirtless from a manufacturer, paddy production process were getting into therefore in the fields of paddy cultivation in preparation for the row they last , high-quality rice production for the Osmancık97 type they prefer , he said.
rice producer Osmancik Kumbaba from the village Sold trust , quality rice production for the proprietary ones Osmancık97 type by choosing the taste will appeal to the rice obtained that they expressed.
real Osmancık of rice , Osmancık river basin produced Sold trust that emphasizes , \"this year's rice planting started. Alone, the river water is not enough. In the season of paddy cultivation in this case the authorities want to bend . This situation is preventing us from getting water to the fields efficiently . Our expectation from this year's planting in a good way , I hope we spent a productive season . We are able to cater to the taste quality products to achieve and which has been registered on behalf of Osmancık Osmancık97 are sowing paddy type . But the quality and taste to produce rice , despite appeals from the rice we produce our labor rates can not get the money you deserve . Contributed much to the production of rice in a large part of the income of pesticides, fertilizers and labor goes. We produce good quality of rice , although some traders imported coming through the rice added due to rice quality is falling, and Osmancık rice rightful place can not come to this so well in the market value can not find , \"he said .
Rice producers Sold clean the 2014 paddy season started, and rice seeds in the Osmancık97 varieties they prefer , said:\"Hopefully, as the previous year, when the flowers of paddy rice in cold weather and cold shot would not be effective . If the reason to choose the kind Osmancık97 better quality of high-yield, rice is delicious . Nevertheless, despite the rice we produce the best quality in terms of labor, does not find the money . Compared to the value of rice sold by Osmancık We believe that quality . Hopefully our season would be good , we'll have plenty of product , \"he said .
River basin paddy cultivation begins with the heating of the air were reported.

( Special Report ) Rice Paddy's Capital Osmancık Start in October" comments for.


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