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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 12:26

( Special Report ) Setup-Education of the Deaf Women

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Middle East Deaf Association of Sign Language Interpreters and deaf Çankaya Mufti gives the Holy Quran:education for women .

Middle East Deaf Association of Sign Language Interpreters and Çankaya Mufti hearing impaired gives Quran:Quran education to women. Photo deaf women sign language educator Middle East Deaf Association , the trainees were at the hands of the spiritual life. Photo deaf to the world silent world that they save the Middle East President Gamal Equity Association of the Deaf , \"unspeakable serve the hearing impaired . We Association Middle East deaf , Sign Language Interpreters , Çankaya Mufti and our Koran valuable to our deaf friends accompanied by our instructors-minute course , and we want to teach sign language . here we do not keep up , of course all of this, all hearing , we invite women with disabilities in our association . them Kur-minute course is taught here . we do not claim in any way . are met by our every need of the association . a very special thing to be with these people , \"he said . < br/> Equity talking about the problems experienced by hearing-impaired citizens , \"our biggest we want and we will call our Minister of Education . Hearing impaired part of our society and anything that may arise in every family. Sign language courses in our schools as we demand that our Ministry of Education verdirildiği . If given the sign language in school everyone goes way good or bad deal . Our problem is happening in hospitals , outside is having problems , they can not express themselves wherever they go . In expired , banks, shopping malls can not express themselves . We need a sign language everywhere we need to continue our life in the community as needed. We want to put sign language interpreters to hospitals. We want to do the work on this subject . Employment opportunities for people with disabilities is minimal. This issue also needs to be done the necessary work , \"he said .

( Special Report ) Setup-Education of the Deaf Women" comments for.


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