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  • 26 Ocak 2014, Pazar 09:33

(Special Report) Television 91 Years Old

(Special Report) Television 91 Years Old
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Television is one of the greatest inventions of mankind entered the age of 91.

Kayseri news:  Television is one of the greatest inventions of mankind entered the age of 91.
Since the existence of the Son of Man has changed constantly. Emerging and people trying to adapt to a changing world, new inventions constantly produced. This is perhaps the most important one of all inventions, the television is found in nearly every home. In 1923, the Scottish engineer John Logie Baird invented television in the town of Hastings in England, the first image was released again in 1926 by Baird. Initially put on sale in black and white televisions, point to the 1950s as the first in the United States (U.S.) were sold in color.
color television life on Earth began, Turkey has not yet began to meet black and white television. TRT to broadcast in 1968, first started in Ankara, Turkey, late in 1981, but was able to color broadcasting.
" Turkey has made great progress in technology "
Turkey's rapid development in a short time Pointing out that the Erciyes University Faculty of Communication Dean. Dr.. Hamza Cakir,"10-15 year period, Turkey big bucks have deposited the black and white television broadcasting technology in the setting aside, in 1981, again great cost by entering the color broadcasting passed. 1,984 all publications color system now in Turkey going past 1984 ' TA also the second channel activates. Today TRT know 10 to 15 on the channel in question. Turkey since the 1990s, the same time the state's monopoly marching television broadcasting, with a private sector in broadcasting has been activated as a wide variety of satellite broadcasting, the proceeding begins. Present point when we come to satellite broadcasting, cable broadcasting and terrestrial yayıncılıkl in Turkey with unlimited television broadcasting is concerned. via satellite and many television channels has been running,"he said.
developing technology and internet publishing together with television lost its importance for the perception that it is wrong that emphasizes Cakir,"As you know gazetel our life in the 1830s began. 1,927 radios when the newspaper would end told me., 1968 Turkey to television came when they told the radio would end told me. any media channels does not end, but a new emerging media with himself, perhaps second to the third category can go down. Turkey also now social media, Internet media is concerned. internet media current media is perceived as. longer television, the newspapers and radio as well as traditional media courses began to be perceived. traditional media courses means that detection with the community, the community in guiding, shaping and society in informing television broadcasting is dead does not mean. How to newspapers and radio in this context do not tend to be as television, no time will not disappear,"he said .
Social media used very often underlines Cakir, television's only one way to have a car because people orientation is more effective, he said. Cakir,"Social media today in many sizes and are passed. Facebook, Twitter and other networks with. Too serious progress along with Radio and Television Supreme Council have made the 2012 survey of people in Turkey per day, close to 4 hours watching television shows that. Television broadcasting no time will not die because the visual is based on. Visual been based on in Turkish society, human visual interest in is enabled and interest is in the field. present never forget, social media is a kind of two-way media channels is. So people in social media an instant can communicate. these in a social context media is very fast but inaccuracies and detrimental Besides, eventually people's right of reply to arise in the context of people related to him or country related to the economic, political and social events related to social media, posed, that trip in the events of December 17, in the operation, December 25th at operation events, social media to be very effective have probably seen. But social media community now also has seen kopmuşlug also have probably seen. People on social media want the country to get involved with, wants them to get involved with social media go to events that immediately able to respond and instant communication is in question. Verifies that the wrong moment is corrected and counter-attacks instantly be improved, but television is not possible. Television one-way communication tool. for her community in shaping the society in directing society's idea of ​​perception and evaluation of perception in changing television broadcasting is very important. people in Turkey, an average of 4 hours watch television when you consider that, on television, especially the news channels of the country in recent days, warm atmosphere within the framework of continuous talk and news programs they listened environment, society inevitably these issues are affected by eye can not ignore. too serious affected and orientation as a means of television channels are being used,"he said.
four hours of television watched per day in Turkey that the way society resulting Cakir, community television broadcasts that are affected and shaped expressed. Television broadcasting Cidimar should be taken that the emphasis Cakir conversation continued as follows:
"Traditional media describe as even television, today Turkish society the habit of reading a very weak society, the fact that starting from the average 4 hours per day watching television society, television broadcasts do quickly are affected, are shaped his own knowledge, that his own televised debate programs, drawing on the politics of Turkey in the senses affected through that we have to accept. Therefore, television broadcasting necessarily to be taken seriously you need. Political power of the state and also to do in television broadcasting as possible objective, objectively and in an unbiased manner that should lead, in the same way private television channels, Radio Television Supreme Council in the interests of the country, they believe that we need to keep under continuous supervision."

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