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  • 27 Eylül 2014, Cumartesi 10:46

( Special Report ) to chemotherapy Mother Gospel

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Head Memorial Hospital IVF Center

Ankara news: Dr. Aygül Demirol , the baby can not have mothers and fathers for the newly developed'egg freezing'rule really good news , he said .
Ministry of Health, only chemotherapy to women'egg freezing'rule egg reserves least every woman is preparing to impose . In statements on the subject , Dr. Aygül Demirol application to have children who want their parents to the candidates really good news and said, \"Cutting with a great gospel and important decision. Nowadays chemotherapy alone group cases , but many reasons to have children postpone many women there . On the other hand age is very Though young egg reserve is lower and in the future have children the risk of failure , which has a group . these for an extraordinary solution. embryo freezing successfully , a group of tube center is already there. this issue is extremely important egg freezing , embryo freezing and according to very precise technologies and rigorous study is needed. therefore the egg freezing process very competent hands in advanced technology needs to be done , \"he said .
to expectant mothers GOOD NEWS
egg freezing period of 5 years from the boundary then permanently be converted into the importance of specifying the Demirol \"this is extremely important, because many cancer cases over 5 years and need to be extended again in addition to the related decisions had to be taken . With the new law to be applied automatically when you might need , can be used to predict when it was not possible. Sometimes there are cases that can be encountered at an early age . Low egg reserve or a woman freezes eggs . When you decide to get married and have a baby then you need to use . Time constraints removal of a very fortunate decision , \"he said .
5-year egg freezing limit indefinitely extending definitely success reducing noted that the Demirol , \"A good way to do this when the time extension incision success with lowers not a factor , \"he said .

( Special Report ) to chemotherapy Mother Gospel" comments for.


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