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  • 09 Temmuz 2014, Çarşamba 17:40

( Special Report ) to Kırkpınar'Puzzle'Stadium Coming

( Special Report ) to Kırkpınar'Puzzle'Stadium Coming
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Edirne Governor Dursun Ali Sahin , History was made Kırkpınar Wrestling stadium that can be assembled and disassembled jigsaw said it would be a structure .

Edirne news: Edirne Governor Dursun Ali Sahin , Historical Kırkpınar Wrestling was made of the stadium installed removable'puzzle'is a structure said it would be .
Sarayiçi Square serious changes would make explaining the Falcon, the first of wrestling done at the stadium where changes signatures will be thrown expressed. 6-7 persons commission and to correct the deficiencies initiated for the transfer Sahin years as 2 days for a short time and for any other purpose unused stadium is removed and replaced steel apparatus which is fitted with 15 thousand seat stadium would be said.
Kirkpinar in the field of serious changes will be made who promised Governor Sahin , historical artifacts are very fond expressed that, \"Edirne little eşeles Ottoman involved . bit eşeles Rome involved . bit eşeles Trak turns out . bit more eşeles prehistoric involved . So all civilizations has been the cradle \"he said. < br/> \"All civilizations face the day to remove strive thousand years is not enough ,\"said Governor Falcon, \"the 50-person team is founded thousand years of Edirne restored can bring ,\"he said.
Watches Madrasa studies on the acceleration of stating that Falcon, repairs made noted that much of the work done to the place unwarranted . Hours of Madrasa II. Abdul Hamid period photo achieved , adding that the Falcon, madrasa historic fabric intact structures noted.
Working in Edirne start a month about the Falcon , Edirne all districts visited , he said.

( Special Report ) to Kırkpınar'Puzzle'Stadium Coming" comments for.


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