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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 14:45

(Special Report) Uludağ Electricity Co. Manufacturers 'Pardon' said

(Special Report) Uludağ Electricity Co. Manufacturers 'Pardon' said
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In Balıkesir poultryman around 300 of them, who charged more money getting their money back from the electric company.

Balıkesir news: In Balıkesir poultryman around 300 of them, who charged more money getting their money back from the electric company. Billing part they make mistakes, and for 20 months chickens reared from poultry charged more money the company applied poultry owners 750 € with 20 thousand of repayment is on.
Balikesir Chicken Growers Association, the chicken coop to providing power allocation UEDAŞ company pays more than the amount of electricity is getting their money back. Association President Mehmet Duran,"Balikesir Chicken Breeders Association as a UEDAŞ subunit that UPESAŞ with the company made a deal. Normal conditions set most of the contiguous area is outside. Contiguous area we mean by that is outside the municipal boundaries remain. However, recent research result of our following at greet me, the adjacent area is outside although we electricity from consumption tax cut. So the municipality to deliver to cut taxes than we cut to have noticed that. We did this for about 20 months later, I've noticed. serious figures have paid. Thereupon UEDAŞ the application to when we're us contiguous area except that we have proven if this money must not be interrupted and cut the numbers back will be refunded said. We, in which the municipality is connected to the municipality from the adjacent area is outside the text have received. Property of belongs to us that Provincial Directorate of Agriculture of the business registration certificate taking have applied. applicant after our 25 days Since the year 2012 our accounts or cut our money,"he said.
poultry sector of Turkey in the first row contained in Balikesir, for producers made the wrong process when they first notice said Mehmet Duran, Banda district a set from a company to £ 40 thousand to pay close hear you said. President Duran,"in Balıkesir us of our unity around 400 member's. Them around 300 businesses that contiguous areas are excluded. These extra cut figures contiguous area producers outside of the cut. Extra we received from the amount, KDV including the billed amount to 5 percent evolves. Example If we give in my capacity of 25 thousand a set I have. Monthly thousand and thousand of 500 pounds electricity bill I'm paying. 20th monthly bills cost in return me an extra cut 750 pounds my account went to bed. Now manufacturers to other friends issue we reported, they petition the company to go to their applications are doing. Some set at 10 thousand pounds figures as have been refunded. we regard the victim even though common sense is we behaved and legal interest in the existence of a claim we have. We are certified us even one day late if we, the company now interest demands, or cutting paperwork they send but we still turn a difficult situation we did not want . themselves stated that the error of the event,"he said.

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