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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 09:23

( Special Report ) was composing songs for Cut Olive Trees

( Special Report ) was composing songs for Cut Olive Trees
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District by district of Manisa Soma in Yire , guard the area where the olive trees cut for thermal power plant construction Kerem Kaydıh nature lover and amateur singer who , friends Yıldız'la Growing composed songs together.

Manisa news: Photo Yırcalı takes the seizure of peasants in the neighborhood with nature lovers are being considered by the company to prevent the interruption of a thermal power plant in the region where olive trees . While waiting to do a variety of activities dating back to the young people who are nature lovers , the song was composed in memory of the cut olive trees. Kerem Kaydıh who is an amateur singer, he composed during seizures with friends Growing Stars'resist human'sang her song . That they continue to wait for tomorrow Kerem Kaydıh said, \"These are here for the beautiful people of tomorrow . Since we got here so we meet people on their very heavy curses that , handcuffed 15 km away from people leaving bare feet so even the security guards of the company were pardoned by claiming Once dismissed . Here they cut down the trees , their roots . cut had they not been , if these trees would have given it re-sized . I hope after the damage done fixing will start here planting. we want to take part in these plantings , \"he said .
live they noted that they decided to do the song because of the emotional environment Kaydıh that , he continued his speech \"Kilometers was even coming to visit for other than an hour. it's not emotional environment a composition emerged from . songs professional. Maybe we'll say among ourselves only . we put resist the name of our song Man . \"Photo composed the lyrics of the song:Photo \"three to five villagers said/olive planted eye/ax are brought up bird/trees slaughtered . Resist the villagers resisted people to resist tomorrow/shade the roots singled enemy was unable to sell/chimney from the murderous plant was sacred. \"

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