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  • 31 Ağustos 2014, Pazar 09:20

( Special Report ) who massages Attention

( Special Report ) who massages Attention
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Manipulation should not be confused with massage therapy and physical therapy manipulation expressing expert Dr.

Bursa news: Manipulation should not be confused with massage therapy , physical therapy and manipulation expressing expert Dr. Ali Şahabettinoğl , massage the waist or neck hernia is a stand-alone treatment facilities , he said. Wrong
the massage can be improved with medical treatment of hernia can worsen Şahabettinoğl expressing random as in bath massage is useless , he said. Back and neck hernia to do massage properly massage even though the effect is only temporary attention Şahabettinoğl , the \"this massage permanent relief does not occur . A two-day relaxation can be, but it hernia further advancement there is a risk . Stand-alone massage therapy has no place . Manipulation massage should not be confused . massage the waist or neck hernia treatment alone not possible . Manipulation medical treatment because it is 98 percent successful result gives . hand with the condition that region , pushing stretching some techniques are applied. hernia get rid of after the exercise of the literal fulfillment and 30 minutes a day walking up is recommended. hiking hernia effective in treating exercise as well as the heart, cholesterol, sugar and blood pressure, as many diseases are also helpful , \"he said .
67 year-old again came to life
from Bursa to Istanbul treatment Zia MAG, manipulation therapy before the act with a terrific suffered back pain , he said. Pain from the ninth session at the end of escape stating that MAG, \"At the moment extremely comfortable, my . Unfortunately, we do not move a society we became , for him, the moment everyone a waist, neck pain, there is a shortage . Ali Bey before coming to a private physiotherapist friends to get right home meant . But his massage, enjoy a day or two was driving. my pain again two days later was beginning . now extremely comfortable, my . daily exercise and a half hour hike I do I'm doing . 67 years old I feel born again . two months ago, when I arrived everything pessimistic as I was looking . 24 hours a suffering was \"he said .

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