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  • 16 Aralık 2013, Pazartesi 10:26

(Special Report)"Donor N"Word will be history

(Special Report)
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Erciyes University (ERUs) Faculty of Medicine, Department of Hematology-Oncology Professor at the Faculty.

Kayseri news: Erciyes University (ERUs) Faculty of Medicine, Department of Hematology-Oncology Professor at the Faculty. Dr.. Ali Unal, new technologies, cell separation device that can react with the cells given to the patient stating that the cells are useful to leave, now compatible with 50 percent of patients gave the good news from bone marrow transplant can be done.
ERÜ Medicine, Hematology-Oncology Department Professor at the Faculty. Dr.. Ali Unal, a non-matching tissue from bone marrow transplant can be done also gave the good news to patients. Unal,"Bone marrow transplantation, especially in the donor in finding great difficulties for experiencing this issue for many years maintained a suitable sibling donor in the absence of relatives and incompatible transplants, the tissue group full of unfit persons from the transport to make the various formulas we have developed. Specifically, this newly developed method, patients with the donor's 100-percent compatible not have to be. So this fit 50 percent though can make transfers. However, this transplantation for us to make the cells undergoes various processes required. Especially these cells react in that part of dedicating. this selection you are making. Ultimately leukemia patient reactions, without the nuisance taking and more easily freezes are finding as well as inappropriate from the donors more trouble and risk can make transfers,"he said.
Laboratory for cell separation devices, indicating that Unal,"Cells dedicates and selection are doing. Detach cells we have some of the alpha-beta-call, especially reaction which parts are dedicating. Others gamma-delta call parts, the patient by applying effective against leukemia struggle to provide cells offer would have. This way in the processes, 'a patient's donor, there is no' now it is not. 'Don, there are no' as a statement is no longer eliminate will have. Larger Other searches that require donor screening still 50 percent of our patients are doing but of course I can not find a suitable sibling donor. these donors for patients who can not find a blessing this is happening,"he said.

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