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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 16:08

Special Tekden Ent Specialist Hospital Open . Dr. Mehmet Türkay:

Special Tekden Ent Specialist Hospital Open . Dr. Mehmet Türkay:
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Kayseri Special Tekden Hospital Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Diseases Specialist Op.

Kayseri news: Dr. Mehmet Türkay, bitter melon , and so he said herbal applications to treat sinusitis . Photo Kayseri Special Tekden Hospital Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist Op. Dr. Mehmet Türkay implementation of the herbal treatment for sinusitis , the disease is not treated , in contrast to the long time people said that cause allergic reactions . Open in warning about the particular effects of bitter melon . Dr. Mehmet Türkay, \"the patient says, I took bitter melon and the empty weight sine my nose . But the total diameter of 20 millimeters in the sinus. When the experience we Bitter melon upper respiratory tract mucosa that it is entering a response , mucosa hurting and mucous incredibly empty. People also vacated he thinks it's liquid sinuses. this discharge people instantly comforting but mucosa destroying and causing severe allergies , \"he said . acute Photo Sinusitis disease and Open indicating that chronic seen in two ways . Dr. Mehmet Türkay, stressed the belief that it is wrong to be cured of the disease . Op. Dr. Mehmet Türkay, \"the chronicity of Sinusitis, wrong and as well as the lack of treatment , also important are the underlying cause of the patient. The underlying cause allergies , nasal curvature and may be anatomic variations like having meat in the nose. If the underlying causes are correctly identified disease is completely cured \"he said . Noting that facilitates treatment of sinusitis in today's modern medicine Photo Op. Dr. Mehmet Türkay, about the ways of protection from disease found in these recommendations ; \"People themselves should choose the clothes that best feel and chills . Half an hour more than the airline the heaters are going to stay outside , you should wear clothing such as scarves . Infects the very cold and very hot weather working rhythm of the sinus . If the risk group if , that is for indoor use too there have to leave to get their flu vaccine and it is necessary to pay attention to hygiene. it should be noted that environmental factors as well as if we have allergy problem . \"

Special Tekden Ent Specialist Hospital Open . Dr. Mehmet Türkay:" comments for.


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