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  • 20 Aralık 2013, Cuma 09:26

Specialist Private Hospital Psychologist Dr. Meltem. Nilufer fat:

Specialist Private Hospital Psychologist Dr. Meltem. Nilufer fat:
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Specialist Private Hospital Psychologist Dr. Meltem.

Kilis news: Specialist Private Hospital Psychologist Dr. Meltem. Nilufer fat, often with life stress and distress as voluntary or involuntary losses against both yourself as well as your environment is given, he said.
DR. Nilufer fat in everyday life, many stress factors faced with the bride, said:"We without a people, events, voluntary or involuntary sinirlenebilmekt are. For this reason, the people themselves or the environment without damaging their anger to control the way they are searching for. Anger, out of control and destructive dimension if the human life that will turn a situation can bring. Our feelings of anger caused by physical stimulation covers. fascinated the enraged when life when the way we perceive is our. Meanwhile've showcased psychological or physical actions, the behavior,"he said.
"BODY REACTION our us over the"
anger instantly occurring reactions Psychologist Nilufer Fat define as follows:The
"Anger instantly laid down body reactions of anger out articulate. ourselves to listen if they can do the body was enraged that will tell us. Emotions animate things that stress and tension are. adrenalin secretion, increased breathing rate more frequent. heart rate whereas blood pressure is also increasing. these cases speak of body and mind ready for war is."
anger body health effects Referring to the psychologist fat,"Anger guard the health of the body great harm has. anger itself together with severe stomach pains may show. however, headaches, skin problems, respiratory problems, stomach disorders, nervous system, circulatory system disorders, emotional and psychological disorders, physical ailments progress in the visible. temper tantrums forward stages up to suicide has painful consequences"he said.
today in the field of anger management counseling sessions administered in a manner indicating that quite often Psychologist fat,"Anger right to express 'anger control' call. anger control main purposes of the aggression away from the person himself or others harm, violent actions available in gain insight is. these correct methods from person to person will change experts in the field with a psychologist should discuss this topic . patient's anger by the appropriate techniques are used. human to be angry if events in a real way you can not see, can not evaluate. them to be noticed, in a rational way to act is important. This awareness is still an expert thanks to the support possible to catch. Specialist psychologists patient's tantrums in against what over-react that will determine, conversation, suggestions and awareness-raising effort the patient will direct. doctor to the patient about the problem analyzes. Old problems descend. ideal solution detects and patients suitable for treatment under the guides. It is important that this sub-problem awareness and correct orientation is to teach patients to control anger,"he said.

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