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  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 10:32

Species Conservation Action Plan Scope of Work in Progress

Species Conservation Action Plan Scope of Work in Progress
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Malatya Inonu University, Department of Biology, Faculty Assoc .

Malatya news: Malatya Inonu University, Department of Biology, Faculty Assoc . Dr. Birol Mutlu , protection of generation plants in Malatya , said that they were pleased to be on behalf of local people to raise awareness of the development and establishment of a greenhouse . Photo Happy, greenhouse , not only for the cultivation of plants and the development of small tears in emphasizing that important on behalf of educating children , \"to continue the preservation and generation of plants , improving the information on this topic in people in the region is to establish a greenhouse for the purpose we were delighted fairly scientists . this greenhouse but also, by the generation of plants in nature will be protected and will be provided to inform the people about the city. of course, greenhouse when called , should only come to mind as places where the production of plants. these places must be actually an educational institution . starting from so kindergarten, elementary school a place visible to the education of children up to 4th grade as should be done . especially private schools in our Malatya performing these projects . private schools making the greenhouse a team in their own house , they exceeded the kids to nature awareness at an early age . doing a more comprehensive study on the subject-house we are happy , \"he said .
< br/> \" sHOULD PROTECT sPECIES dETECTION'VE \"Happy voicing identified species that must be protected with the flora of their work in the Photo Malatya , said:\"you need to know to protect what to protect something. In the first stage we tried to identify what we can protect . The flora of the work we do , we have identified species and plant species that must be protected in Malatya. This finding was quite important . Works to be done after this is to improve conservation efforts on these species is detected . Especially in conservation efforts while we would prefer the conservation area. While in the area of protection , warning signs, turning the area into plants by the method , we are to prevent the intervention of other living things. With warning signs , we are trying to harm the plants and the destruction of the people of the region . At the same time the benefits of this plant along with the training , the nature of the reasons that they should not destroy , trying to explain to the population in the area that biodiversity is an important cause . \"Photo Photo \" 3 DONE WORK ON SUCH \"< br/> Happy, stating in the first place they are working on plants distributed in Malatya , \"Peshmeni until the day in first place in Malatya ( Advance financing Nowruz ) , Ornithogalum Malatya'm Happy ( Half Sasalı ) , Hypericum Malatya my cash financing (Malatya Wort is ) was studied plants. Of course, we've identified 44 plants. The remaining 41 plants work well on this work should be done and should be supported. These plants , especially plants that we will maintain . If Malatyans protect these plants , will not protect anyone else . No institution is not primarily meant to protect the Malatya these plants , \"he said .

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