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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 18:31

Spend A Day In Peace People will Azizia

Spend A Day In Peace People will Azizia
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Azizia Municipality, in the peace of the people of the district to spend Eid al-Adha has completed all preparations .

Erzurum news: Municipality victims in the county by creating cutting area , Azizia Municipality teams handed out bags to the citizens . All streets and alleys in the district to be washed a day before Eid . During the Feast of the 10 cars and 50 person team , which will work double shifts in a way municipalities , citizens , peaceful and safe environment for victims to realize feast will mobilize all their resources . Municipal police team also conducts frequent inspections during the feast , which cuts outside designated areas will apply to criminal proceedings . Municipal Sanitation Department before the feast , starting from general cleaning work , as well as festivals throughout the cutting area will occur in odor and pollution measures to prevent , taking in a garbage container fumigation will work .
A PEACEFUL DAY FOR ALL measures < br/> Azizia Mayor Cevdet Muhammad Orhan, healthy and hygienic environment of the inhabitants cut off the victim and in peace for a feast to realize that all the measures taken , he said. Public service , passion off they prepare President Orhan, \"sharing and social solidarity of the most intensively experiencing the blessed Eid hemşehrilerimizin the most peaceful way to comprehend for all of our facilities to mobilize we have . Our teams double shifts worked and especially cleaning , including hemşehrilerimizin comfort and for peace of mind , we have taken every precaution . Hopefully there will be a unity and one of the most intensively will realize the Feast of Sacrifice . \"he said .
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in the district, the victim cutting area for the Metropolitan Municipality Says Thank You President Orhan, \"Our district within the boundaries of the Dadaskent and Ilica in the Metropolitan Mayor Mehmet Sekmen order of the victim cutting area was created. Hemşehrilerimiz a great service to this area victims by expert teams to Islamic rules in accordance to be cut and their owners will be delivered . these lovely service because of the Metropolitan Municipality Our President Mr. Mehmet Sekmen and the team would like to thank on behalf of our citizens . \"he said.
DAY , to share
in the description Eid celebrated President Orhan, \"Nations have , brotherhood, solidarity , sharing the same soul and heart in the climate of living meaning without a doubt the most on holidays feel . Assistance and the importance of solidarity gains feast of unity and unifying features by emphasizing the valuable citizens celebrating the blessed Eid al-Adha , health, success and happiness to bring hope . \"

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