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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 09:34

Spices to Boost Metabolism one tablespoon !

Spices to Boost Metabolism one tablespoon !
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Serkan Amount Specialist Dietician will help accelerate the metabolism to make suggestions .

Erzurum news:
human body handles the most excellent hardware system can be described as indicating the amount , \"Every day interconnected working as many systems found in our body and fast working metabolism of us is the desire . metabolism to accelerate many methods are available. rapid metabolism, the more calories burning is proportional to . one tablespoon spice up metabolism , \"he said .
of men in general is high because of muscle mass of the body burn more calories then said Serkan said amounts ; \"For most people, after 40 years the rate of metabolism starts to slow down . Additionally, genetic factors of metabolism a major impact on features . Them in spite of your metabolism a boost of speed can some important points are available.
Muscle mass to increase muscle mass directly to caloric consumption is directly proportional to . the muscle in your normal higher the metabolic rate, which should be your be higher than the means . during the day to do regular exercise and calorie burning almost twice the high that means . during the day to do regular exercise and calorie burning close to double can increase . exercises done regularly here is the biggest factor . because you have made exercise currently burned calories than your metabolism active continuous operation is more important. long time, but more moderate tempo of exercise , fast-paced and shorter studies more efficient than the results would should not either. Water and fuel ; In order to sustain the functionality of your body needs water . If you're even mildly dehydrated can slow down your metabolism . In a study of people who drink 8 glasses of water a day to burn the calories that their body is more than 4 cups drinkers have been shown . During the day, the amount of liquid to be contributed in fresh fruits and vegetables in their daily diet without forgetting that it is important to keep in your program .
Controlled taurine intake is important ; Due to the caffeine in many energy drinks are accelerating metabolism . In addition, some energy drinks include taurine . This material also significantly accelerated metabolism of the person are important. However, these drinks high blood pressure, can cause anxiety and sleep problems . For this reason, American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend those drinks for children and adolescents . If you use energy drinks certainly should consult your doctor or dietician .
Frequently consumed foods can lead to weight gain . But it's the food that you consume with the calories and nutritional values ​​vary proportionally . If you gain weight if you consume high-calorie snacks will be inevitable. In general, from main dishes to go with the long-term fasting can slow your metabolic rate . With alternative healthy snacks and meals your metabolism will accelerate in the next well will be reduced caloric intake .
Spicy foods means the metabolism into high gear to get . A total of cayenne pepper or other spices added to food as an average of one tablespoon increases your metabolic rate . This is the accelerating effects of metabolism such as exercise does not provide a permanent increase in metabolism is known to work in an instant .
Protein consumed ; Thermogenic effect of food protein than carbohydrates and fats are high. So being digested protein foods our body consumes more calories . In this case provides your metabolism run faster . With the highest protein content of foods, lean beef , turkey, fish, chicken , nuts, eggs, milk and milk products .
To dark brown ; If you are a coffee drinker morning ritual of coffee drinking should enjoy . Both because the coffee is the promoter concentration and metabolism increases . Spices such as accelerating metabolism effect of coffee is instant . Paying particular attention to the amount and frequency of coffee you can consume during the day .
For Green Tea ; Due to the caffeine content of green tea to speed up your metabolism for several hours offers the combined benefits . Previous research has shown that exercise without the time interval 2-4 cups water, 2 cups of green tea in moderate-intensity exercise has been observed that at the time 17% more calories burned . \"


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