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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 09:27

Spill:\"Your happiness are plentiful Means Cards \"

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Adana news: Dr. Outstanding cast of \"do not always have to be happy , but we have to be strong ,\"he said .
Dr. Spill , Adana organized by the Chamber of Pharmacists'Work and Private Life in the World of High Quality Communication , Joy of Living and Working on \"attended the conference . A valuable profession of pharmacy stating that Dr. Spill , \"Pharmacists any confidence deserves . Gandhi said'in your honor you give it after one of your hand can not afford'he said. Pharmacists its value others'hands should not leave , its value must determine for itself . A human being productive , point of view is positive to be happy is the first step . People communicate well in her to be happy and to work in the field ensures success . always be happy we do not have , but being able to have . Life's curtain in the range necessarily has a light . Enough curtain you do not close completely .'re happy the minute you how much bigger it is the card until you're in . drugs and alcohol from the happiness is a pathological condition . positive science back of returnees has no future , \"he said .
\" DEVELOPMENT turned their backs if our grandchildren ROSE \"
each manager to be a leader underlined that the cast's , continued as follows:
\"every leader is a manager at the same time . Leading with emotions and uses his mind . Leading people , not criticize the performance . If there's one thing that does not change is change itself . You do not need to change everything . Because you already are good. But you can be better . Yüzlüs laugh but you can be more friendly . You can communicate well , but you can communicate better . You love your love , but you can close more effectively . Kalitelis the moment but you can improve your quality . Development has no end . Let's continue to evolve . But these improvements without burdening us , get pleasure . The purpose of development , to improve the duration and quality of life should be. Developments turn your back if our grandchildren even us laugh. \"
children white lies being told should be stressed that the cast of \"Both strong and virtuous children can be grown . If grandparents die'died'let's say.'My grandfather was the star in the sky, looking at us, \"the statement said , the boy could not sleep at night because his grandfather look . When I was little boy lies unspoken , moral'goodbye'is not well . Should get rid of the biased behavior towards people , \"he said .
Mehteran known to go back and forth by everyone that two of the cast reminded ,\"Let's not have an opinion without being informed of . Janissary team can not go back . After each step is unarmed troops look right and left . Moreover months when viewed from Earth as seen from the Great Wall of China said that's not true. Great Wall of China look invisible months .'Come again no matter what the sentence does not belong to Mevlana . Not stubborn donkey , cat ungrateful , but all of them are false information . In addition, a person's mother, father, sister , child, aunt , uncle , yesterday the neighbor and so on. There are roles like . Do not neglect yourself because these roles . Is connected but not be dependent . Our arrival in the world , but how we will go depends on us. If we can raise our quality of life monotony of color , \"he said .

Spill:\"Your happiness are plentiful Means Cards \"" comments for.


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