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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Kasım 2014, Pazar 17:39

Spin Chairman Mustafa Kamala Batman

Spin Chairman Mustafa Kamala Batman
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Felicity Party (SP) leader Mustafa Kamala, Batman, joined the 5th Ordinary Provincial Congress , which was held the Presidency of the party.

Batman news: Kamala responsive to questions from journalists at the Congress , referring to the mining disaster in Ermenek , \"This kind of tragedy is not surprising for us. Because the corrupt foundation of the business , this quarry is owned by the state ,\"he said . 5th of Photo Party to attend the Ordinary Provincial Directorate of Congress as Chairman Mustafa Kamala SP from Batman , answered journalists'questions on the agenda . 5 days ago Karaman connected Referring to the mine disaster occurred in Ermenek Kamala, evaluating mine disaster in the disaster , argued that the coal is distributed free to the needy by the state of the coal extracted from there . Removing unharmed the trapped workers at the mine Kamala who wishes , \"This kind of tragedy is not surprising for us. Because the foundation of the business is corrupt. This is the state the owner of the quarry . Operator supporters company , recipient governments , consumers voters , to a certain party voters voters know free distributed coal There are either at work or coal are coal from there removed , \"he said .
\"TURKEY Yi divide they want to smash , wE BOZ THIS GAME \"the continuation of Photo Talk HDPE'the touching on the call curfew Kamala, \"as the party of no ideas and we are not in favor of no fighting. Because we adoption are of this nation. Kurds , Laz, Circassian , Alevi, Sunni , women, men, all from the Lord of a book is a prophet and the qibla . Çanakkale'Alawi against küffar , Kurds, Turks are opposed Lazar as a whole . There are 450 thousand martyrs. these days a way, the local Muslim lands , they want to tear divide in Turkey. We have to disrupt this game. Wrong policies , wrong politics inevitably leads to such tensions . We are clearly in on February 25, 1994 there was a misapplication of the official ideology of such practices rather than Bingol we cried , \"he said .

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