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  • 21 Aralık 2013, Cumartesi 20:27

Spin Chairman Mustafa Kamala:

Spin Chairman Mustafa Kamala:
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Felicity Party (SP) leader Prof.

Bursa news: Felicity Party (SP) leader Prof. Dr.. Mustafa Kamala, passed through a process that is deserving of Turkey, he said.
Bahcesehir University in Bursa organized by the 'Political School' participating in the program Felicity Party (SP) leader Prof. Dr.. Mustafa Kamala, made statements on the agenda. Merino Congress and Culture Center Hall, the conference, speaking in Kamala, corruption and bribery investigation in Turkey's history first sad incident happened, said:"Significant events do not say, unfortunately, current events call. Turkey deserving to be a process that is going through; does not deserve a situation face. Updated The events constitutes corruption. Corruption in any society can be, but 90-year history of the Republic for the first time facing child corruption accused by a court decision arrested,"he said.
Kamala,"country in terms evaluated your sad situation. than this sad situation in the strife of the be mentioned. state within a state are discussed. these events across the ocean is governed is being expressed. Fethullah Hodja to be based on is required. events for a moment, the government also adopted as Let. Dear bank manager's shoe box into the dollars Fethullah Hodja put that? this probability is there? Mr. Minister's son's bedroom coins congregation planted? earnestly to be considered is an issue. Whose made clear that the perpetrators in the middle. Behind may be others but no doubt that over time will clarify the realms of Earth infamous we are. these events by the world media wisely tracked. Politics this It is not, should not be. Politician of society in all respects is a person who is responsible,"he said.

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