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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 16:00

Spin Leader Kamala from'Presidential Palace'Criticism

Spin Leader Kamala from'Presidential Palace'Criticism
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Felicity Party (SP) leader Mustafa Kamala, criticized the cost of the new presidential palace , \"palace can be done , but we've paid attention when we look at our history we palaces ; reputation while its collapsed state , the Ottoman Empire collapsed , \"he said .

Tokat news: SP leader from Tokat province to attend the congress of the Party Photo Kamala, was welcomed by the party in front of the old tobacco factory . SP convoy entering the city Chairman Mustafa Kamala , answered questions from journalists at a restaurant . Israeli military's Al-Aqsa Mosque has responded to the question about entering Kamala, that a power to put a stop to this by Israel , saying \"What is Israel's goal ? Great is to establish the state of Israel . Step by step progress. 1896 took the first Zionist committee Applying decision it is. it had received therefore also form a coalition government in 1996 , though does not come to power in Israel and the measures to stop global imperialism. What was that ? D-8 , global imperialism, the lovesick inside the power-hungry authorities because he knows the situation in cooperation with the unwary national view of the way the staccato . it does not anything to slamming . the area around the moment Israel was evacuated . Iraq were destroyed one . took place where power , supported by our beloved nation ? in addition to global imperialism. Libyan place was a , Gaddafi was lynched . Create Whose job ? Here Masjid al i opened the way of acacia outbound leg so . Syria was thrown into the fire , \"he said .
\"TURKEY tHE PRIORITY AK pALACE iS NOT \"Photo SP Leader Kamala, related to the cost of a new presidential palace the questions were answered as follows:\"Of course, countries may be needed to develop the new building. But Turkey's priority is not my opinion White House. Sir, Mr. President , Prime Minister talks about Turkey's reputation. Turkey's nominal Ermenek was buried in Soma. On their way to apple orchards in Isparta with our lives that we buried 16 workers , including 18 women . That reputation building, not in the palace. Obviously, there is a need for the building. But the priority is not in the building , priority in humans. In short, the building can be done , we look at the palaces we've done but we pay attention to the date when the court ? Reputation while its collapsed state , the Ottoman crashing down. How was it ? We look at the state of the commanders in the glorious period , sultans, sultans in the front. Six centuries-long period of 500 years only made ​​Dolmabahce palace , quite modest . But if you go to the demolition, collapsed empire even made ​​Dolmabahce palace with foreign debt. We are looking now , the debt increased to $ 650-700 billion public debt. Even newborn babies are born indebted , we palaces , we have contacts . Get better . \"Photo SP leader Kamala, then press statement issued by the party of Ataturk Cultural Palace in June 26 Tokat province attended the 5th Congress.

Spin Leader Kamala from'Presidential Palace'Criticism" comments for.


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