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  • 21 Aralık 2013, Cumartesi 21:28

Spin Leader of Kamala February 28 Reviews

Spin Leader of Kamala February 28 Reviews
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Felicity Party (SP) Chairman Mustafa Kamala, February 28 regarding the evacuation of all the accused in the case of prisoners,"it would have been clear from Wednesday to Thursday's advent.

Bursa news: Felicity Party (SP) Chairman Mustafa Kamala, 28 C February trial detainee, all the defendants eviction on,"Thursday's advent Wednesday turns up have. We seduction would be like guessing we were,"he said .
Party candidate for President of the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and county mayoral candidates who attended the presentation SP leader Mustafa Kamala, the descriptions found on the agenda. Before the program of journalists who answered questions Kamala, 28 C February related to the trial all the defendants evacuation criticized,"Thursday's advent Wednesday turns up have. We seduction would be like had been forecasting. Because 28 C February processes when it comes to judging the law was changed. specially authorized courts instead of special heavy penal courts was introduced. Later, Prime Minister almost 'serving officer to be left' in the sense that gave messages. Nations this discomfort could hear. O Accordingly, this point has been reached. Hayırlısı Let's,"he said.
a journalist's deputies arrested the evacuation to the question about the"Government requested sincere law to the authority has. no debate challenge to not give an item passed laws the matter ends expense,"he said.

"Elections are competitive"
Felicity Party in local elections, explaining that they are ambitious Kamala, he continued:
"in 81 provinces, 971 districts, 386 towns are going to elections . ambitious. rely on our nation. rely on our Organization. Allah and be with us tomorrow. recently the events of the AK Party, our game will drop him a choice to decide if they are related."

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