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SON Dakika

  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 15:37

Spor Toto 2.Lig

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0 was defeated .

Gümüşhane news: Photo match Minutes: Photo 18 . Yusuf Emre minutes in the middle of the ball in the penalty area from the right wing rising Samet his header was too good leather round the keeper Ahmed .
36 . minutes Gümüşhanespor penalty area in the carom Selçuk head to Falcon finds in front of the ball at a time trying to remove , hit the ground hard in a position facing the goal but was prevented an absolute goal by interfering with the goalkeeper Hasan feet.
53 . minutes in the middle of the Euphrates hard Gümüşhanespor attack coming in from the left wing of the castle only direct the ball back threw the ball just over the bar from the top position of about 1 meter .
90 . Bugsasspor minutes into the scuffle in the guest's penalty area , the referee awarded a penalty point to the position where the intervention of Fatih remaining competitors. Samet happened to kick the ball out of the keeper Ahmed . Rotating the ball alert Thompson, the team scored a stylish kick forward pass . Photo 1-0 STAT:New Town Photo REFEREES:Burak Cem Tahiroğlu xx , Honor Içyer xx xx Berken Tassels GÜMÜŞHANESPOR Photo:Hasan xxx xx Saleh , Bilal x ( Ali Osman min . 78 xx ) , Samet xx xx Thompson , Yusuf Emre xx xx Conqueror (Ardahan min . 90 ? ) , Ali Kilic xx xx Selcuk , Taner xx xx Euphrates Bugsasspor Photo:Ahmet xx xx Selcuk ( Bitter dk.59 xx) , xx Rahmi , Tolgahan xx xx Michael , John Barnes xx ( Volcano min . 89 ? ) , Baki xx xx Gabriel , Necati xx ( xx dk.71 Yavuz ), Osman xx xx Sahin Photo GOL:Thompson ( min . 90) ( the Gümüşhanespor ) Photo YELLOW CARDS: Taner , Fatih, Bilal ( the Gümüşhanespor ) , Gabriel , Selcuk, Ahmet , Power, Maintenance ( Bugsasspor )

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