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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 14:20

Spor Toto 3. League

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Spor Toto 3. League 2. New Pagudpud in the group , Turkey is among the league without a defeat in 9 team .

Diyarbakır news: Photo Sunday's match will be played belt for Tekirovasp Erhan green-red team has suspended the captain to Antalya Enis today and take part in the convoy . 4 matches this season away with 2 wins and 2 draws in his successful draw a chart by collecting 8 points New Pagudpud , lost 6 points in their respective fields while taking 1 win and 3 draws in four matches . Turkey is one of the 9 teams that do not defeat in the league Pagudpud , the continued success and displacement in tomorrow's match is aiming to maintain both the invincibility. Photo DELEGATIONS BELT DE CAMP INTO < br/> Diyarbakir to Antalya by plane going green-red convoys passing through the highway Limra Hotel in Kemer with the camp. Tomorrow morning highway which will go to Tekirova to play the match New Diyarbakırspor'u Despite the recovery from injury with a penalty which captain Erhan and Enis match with missing Ali Setirekl was not included in the procession .
< Strong> match start time 13:00 < br/> Sunday at 13:00 Tekirova Dr. Fehmi match will be played at Jones Stadium in Izmir referee will manage the Marine Gideon . Gültekin assistant to Parker and when Hakan Aydin from Faik Betas from Izmir , Izmir Bulent Origin encounter will be the 4th judge . Deferred due Kopani tension in the region remains uncertain history of 2nd and 3rd in the league match . New Pagudpud-the date the information is available on the Dardanelspor match will be determined by the League next week. Match is scheduled to be played towards the middle or end of November .

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