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  • 05 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 10:50

Spor Toto 3. League

Spor Toto 3. League
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Spor Toto 3. Lig who struggle coach Denizli Metropolitan Belediyespor'da Selahattin Dinçel, despite the fear that competitors that happen to stimulate the players so that they would not take lightly and said they received Çankırıspor face of a defeat they never expected .

Denizli news: Photo Visiting Çankırıspor last 2-1 league defeat , which ended a four-game winning streak Metropolitan Belediyespor'da Denizli , morale is broken. Red-and-white residents shocked by defeat in the account are not focused on the Sivas 4 Eylul match to play on Sunday. After a day permit Başkarcı Martyr Sami Stadium for the first workout of the week Denizli Metropolitan Belediyespor'da , the players and the technical committee , was observed to be dispirited . Reviewers to reporters a Photo Çankırıspor encounter technical director Selahattin Dinçel, \"Çankırı absolute 3 points we went with the password. we were supposed to absolute win. Talent our opponent, they take lightly , I warned them into complacency , but we fear has come upon us . we could not use the position we have achieved in the first half . 2. we lead half at the beginning of 1-0. we had 2 goals in 3 minutes with the loss of individual errors and concentration . we then installed but the goal we assignments.competitors, not only tried to stop us. There was no position clear goals they catch. just tried to run. waiting for us , they played to meet . after all we ever get a defeat we did not expect . I stayed behind this game. Now we play the weekend Sivas 4 Eylul encounter the take all measures necessary to win , we'll do the work , \"he said .

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