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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 14:22

Spor Toto 3. League

Spor Toto 3. League
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Denizli B.S.K. President of the Uzunoğlu Rushdie , \"claimed the championship for our riding , we need to win the match in Sivas September 4 FC \"he said.

Denizli news: Photo Spor Toto 3. Division 2 championship fight that Group Denizli B.S.K. , Sivas 4 Eylul FC will host the 11th week aims absolute 3 points from the match . Denizli B.S.K. President Rushdie when Uzunoğlu , \"we take in the face last week Çankırıspor to forget the unfortunate defeat , the players and technical committee we are working with intense overtime. Continued on up the points table to and we have to take this match to continuing our commitment champions. Talent Our will reflect the talent on the field . Unity and togetherness in this we have played better motivated. There is no reason to win. Talent and our technical delegation of confidence every time.come victorious against Sivas 4 Eylul we want to continue on our way , \"he said .
\" oUR GOAL IS CHAMPION tO BE \"Photo President Uzunoğlu , friendship, stressing that the shortage of brotherhood and unity , \"together with the , we have players covering the faults of each other in the field. is sleeping in the team and our instructor facility . constantly unity and in unity . ahead large not be an obstacle , our goal is to be the champion . we have not quicken our goal , \"he said. in a Photo on Sunday at 13.30 in the encounter in nature Saif Mounted Stadium , Kırklareli Ilker sun will whistle of the referee .

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