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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 10:42

Sports Toto 2 League

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Sports Toto 2 League in the White Group with New Malatyaspor Turgutluspor Manisa team will face 7 times .

Malatya news: Turgutluspor in six matches remaining against the New Malatyaspor's rule .
Turgutluspor with New Malatyaspor on Friday, September 7 at the Stadium at 16.00 Turgutlu will face. In the same group three times per season remaining two teams , will be released on 7th appointment . Until now played six matches in the Turgutluspor New Malatyaspor against the great superiority has .
New Malatyaspor with Turgutluspor played between six matches , the Turgutluspor 4 times winner , while the yellow-red team never wins avail. 2 matches resulted in a draw .
Turgutluspor with New Malatyaspor came face to face for the first time in the 2010-2011 season . League Malatya Inonu Stadium in the 3rd week of the match played in Manisa team won 2-0. Turgutlu'ya played in the same season in the 20th week of fighting ended in 2-2 equality .
Two team in the 2011-2012 season took place in the same group . League Malatya Inonu Stadium in the 17th week of the match played Turgutluspor won 2-1 . League in the 34th week of September 7 Turgutlu the stadium fight ended in a draw 3-3 .
Last two teams in the same group took part in the 2013-2014 season . League of Malatya Inonu Stadium in Week 8 matches played in Manisa team won 2-1 . League matches played in the 25th week of the Turgutluspor Turgutlu'ya resulted in the 1-0 advantage .

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