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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 21:26

Sports Toto 2 League

Sports Toto 2 League
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Sports Toto 2 League teams Fethiyespor White Group , was defeated 2-0 on their own turf Kartalspor .

Muğla news: Few
match played in front of an audience Fethiyespor Ozan Ozturk Kartalspor former goalkeeper as captain of the field , while Fethiyespor Captain Sabri Turgut'l former teammate before the match and wished success to each other . Match Fethiyespor old coach , Mustafa Walnut honor in the bleachers watching from the top lack of interest Fethiyespor managers quite upset.
Turgutluspor help teachers Fethiyespor Kartalspor match from the stands watching during the week will be played Turgutluspor Fethiyespor before the match copious notes kept . Match between the AK Party following the County Mayor Kadir Sarıhan found in Fethiye . Fethiyespor fans after 2-0 defeats \"government resign \"was found in cheers .
match Minutes:
4 . minutes at the foot of the war centered Victory could not touch the ball far post .
19 . minutes Aytac hard shot from outside the penalty area hitting the ball on defense and went top corner .
25 . minutes in the middle of Oguz Sabri's reverse hit the corner kick, the ball hitting the crossbar .
38 . Aytaç minutes left in the center of the ball Ahmet Trust hold more absolute position at the foot of the defense was tipped to a corner . Closed the first half goalless .
53 . minutes into the penalty area from the left side from the ground in the middle of the war , at a time through the defense has scored prominent Mehmet . 0-1
61 . minutes left in the middle of Honor Haluk Bilgen, head kick , the ball going into the net reached out and do a good goal keeper Poets have been prevented.
82 . Haluk minutes outside the cezasahasi shot saved by the keeper Poets .
86 . minutes, the visiting team is caught in a counterattack Ugur input from the field behind cezaal AnInA roll the ball was directly in front of Mehmet joggers . Mehmet he and his team placed second goal sent a kick into the net . 2-0
STATE:Fethiye City
REFEREES:Brigade K Numanoğlu xxx, xxx Serdar IIa , Ugur Akalp xxx
FETHİYESPOR:Zechariah x , Sabrina x , Honor x , Ahmet Güven x ( Haluk min 59 x ), Mert x ( Sinan min 37 x ) , John Scott x , Selcuk x , Tunay x , Aytaç xx , Emre x , Ugur x ( Serkan min 69x )
KARTALSPOR:Poets xxx, Anil xx , Victory xxx Honor xxx, Mehmet xxx xx War , Ugur xxx ( Yağız 90 min ?) , Euphrates xxx, xxx Hagan , Azad xxx xx Oguz ( 79 min Sinan x )
GOAL:Mehmet ( 53-86 min ) ( Kartalspor )
YELLOW CARDS :Sinan ( Fethiyespor ) Poets , Anil, Victory ( Kartalspor )


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