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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 22:23

Sports Toto 2 League

Sports Toto 2 League
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White Group of the New Malatyaspor Sports Toto 2 League team coach Mustafa Ugur, 1461 Trabzon had received an important victory against the expression, \"We will continue on our way to his determination ,\"he said .

Malatya news:
1461 Trabzon after the match to the press in a statement Ugur, \"For us, an important muşabak was. Again a series capture behalf of their field our winners that we have to karşılaşmaydı . Hardly a competition which would be knew. match in the first half of the competitors how much resistance that have seen . , at least in the second half we have made the change in mentality with the particular game system, the change in the match won. particular we would like to emphasize that , in the second half of our players have made the football towards the New Malatyaspor's tactics reflect the need to verify is . Hopefully , these lines in the period ahead field reflected if our goal surely we proceed . We correct the pitch reflected on behalf of our what's coming will do whatever . futbolcularımızın , both physically and psychologically as a whole in competitions in this way to play will work . our job is difficult. Competition in the block so hard. But we firmly on our way will continue, \"he said .
experienced technical man of the match in the second half to interfere with the game system , said:\"in particular, the team's game systems have translated into 3-midfielder . Our players , and returning the ball from the opponent to take both of us , it's easy to lose the ball has the most important role in this competition victory . I congratulate my players for him . So, a 15-20 minute game, even us score can carry , \"he said .
league's 8 weeks away İstanbul team Ümraniyespor encounter would reminiscent of Ugur, every game in the final attribute to them , he said .
Ugur, stating that they never take a step back , \"We have a target here . What is it? In general, we do not want to fall below 2 points . Over 2 points in each match we play we want to stay . We hope that , when we came to the end of the league is below 2 points as long as we're finished at the top league . All accounts and our work on it are doing, \"he said.
\" ALL our players will evaluate \"
experienced technical man , the league marathon all players would evaluate the record, said:
\"At the beginning of the season until the end of 36 weeks had a long process . We will consider some of our players . Maybe we'll get our players in the squad who formless . But within no time it will be wantonness . It will be time , some of our players will play , maybe a minute , but when you consider the time we became the champion would have been a great contribution . That's why all our players will surely contribute to this team . But few, but many . Which form an important player in the field and keep the rides. We are trying to do it . \"

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