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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 22:39

Sports Toto 2 League

Sports Toto 2 League
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Sports Toto 2 League teams in the White Group in New Malatyaspor Tarsus taken against the 1-0 Sport Abroad is experiencing the joy of victory .

Malatya news:
Match after a statement to reporters in New Malatyaspor experienced coach Mustafa Ugur, \"a very important muşabak was. game also started very well we can not say . first 45 minutes, difficulties and problems in the second round again, avid , eager, more goals to the position entering the tool position we were . 2 ball harmlessly dizziness, several ball net goal position goals in the absence of course shortage has created . But there is a fact that the first week we look at four units counters and physically ready player without fight. Nevertheless involved players desirous and well fought . , I congratulate our players do . everything before pressing I want to focus on , our players fresh and alive, keeps fans I thank you . because many suffer we moments always switched inputs. course of this process will be challenging , we say . difficult though this so we will continue on our way , \"he said .
\" VERY HEALTHY not a problem \"
Ugur, a journalist,'What is opponent 5-6 in scoring position entry'to the question ,\"Which match I did not see the input ? We observed what did you see? I do not know if we evaluate all positions , such as the goal position , and then it becomes obvious goal position , the position becomes a goal every shot . Goals position, would be the obvious goal positions . As we've missed . To accept them , but you now have said so healthy is not a question \"replied .
Match the first half very healthy to play no self-criticism in experienced technical man kept saying:
\"we did not play very healthy in the first half . The reason for this , rather than from the start of each opponent's best competition is that how much you permission . Do you pay attention to your opponent's game that never breaking discipline , per our our players do you see that the pressure of 2-3 players . When you look at this in terms of our players stayed in a very difficult situation . We have the desire to play a different second half . Although we did not warn edge in the first half . In football , how much intervention from the outside of the field if you please , and the right thing in the locker room with your suggestions , you can win competitions . This can not be realized outside . But when we go inside the same group of players that you need to better understand how we can play . As you can see from the beginning of the second half, they played the way we want . I do not agree with the first half already . Why do I say this openly ? If we're gonna go goal , the first half or the second half , but we have to go until the end of the beginning of the competition . Other than the first 4 weeks was , of course, changes in the team . What changes happened? Our players was injured , there was a penalty . In this match , the team did not have 4 players who play counter . 4 players means that nearly half of the team . There are certainly other players'physical distress . Despite him a great example of the struggle showed . \"
\" ANYONE ART is not our intention \"
Ugur, the team no footballer increased not intend said, \"the game Erener have received , like a lion struggled. Lot over our heads . Our intention is that no player increases or do not have a different perspective . I said I always wished to play 4-4-2 , but the terms do not give her hand . Terms Used As long as we play our friend striker 2 . After all , we do something for the sake of the interests of New Malatyaspor are . Or you not to take the problem to your own home , you are asking us to obtain information on behalf of . I would like to express it openly , here no matter what our player entering the game or play counter how much can be contributed , that is enough for us . 30 minutes , 40 minutes, 60 minutes is . Some players , however, for 3 minutes or 20 minutes of play and the game translates , \"he said .

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