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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 17:01

Sports Toto 2 League

Sports Toto 2 League
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Sports Toto 2 League of New Malatyaspor White Group team , experiencing the joy taken against Fethiyespor 3 points .

Malatya news: After Match Photo in a statement to reporters Yeni Malatyaspor coach Mustafa Ugur , \"We are happy to have gained such an event. We knew that would be difficult . We tell each time that such competitions are tough on our behalf. Our competitors , our business because they play mainly defense is very difficult . But struggle on behalf of winning , though at the last minute , to give the fruit in the field of risk taken was beautiful. I congratulate my players . I hope ahead , we will continue to obstacles remain until the last . our goal is to win the next competition , the end of the season to reach our goal , \"he said .
\" DESTINATION WAY TO RISK TAKING THE NEED \"Photo experienced technical man , in relation to the play in the striker in the match defender Ersin Veli Fethiyespor , \"you do not find the goal after a certain period against a team engaged in defense, certainly several needs to be alternatives and risks. in fact, not very healthy. You can give the name of the competition to do such things always match . But we need to take it to a variety of risks and we're going to a destination . At least a little in attack mitigation on behalf of the burden of Intellectuals are the very players we wanted . Did we want but nice pics of Ramadan has been changed everything , \"he said.
< Strong> Fethiyespor WALL The Hardworking Photo Fethiyespor coach Beyhan they fight well , but they said not score . Photo Diligent , Diligent indicates that they are in an endeavor to make the best of existing staff , \"We knew it would be a difficult match . New Malatyaspor a team for the championship organization . Overall good work and we try not to leave space to the opponent. Indeed, there is a position in which our opponent into the second half. Goal ate at fixed wholesale \"he said. Hardworking Photo voicing the match late in the middle, \"I expected better of New Malatyaspor . They were supposed to make things better , but they can not. However , we did not also permitted . Our staff are young and talented players, we are trying to do something with them. We fought the good fight , we fight but we do not score a goal . Does not make sense to assign the goal by . Currently the 2. Assign at least Goals League team that , \"he said. Photo Hardworking, a journalist,'for breaking football rival is Fethiyespor play ?\"To the question , \"I wish New Malatyaspor game afterwards substitutions me had. I suppose we've come victorious today. Quality emerges. New Malatyaspor in the game the players have also entered into separate quality. We are in effort to do the best staff available . We know how to play . We play knowing we presume . We got up , we do not have to go to New Malatyaspor the state . Because New Malatyaspor certain quality . We played against one of the Group's most favorite and the most serious championship team. The quality of staff is indisputable. So knowing that we presume we play . Although we achieved one goal of the position , it would be very different, \"he replied.

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