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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 14:22

Sports Toto 2 League

Sports Toto 2 League
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Sports Toto 2 League White Group teams in New Malatyaspor club 2nd president Ilhan Turban , stating that they put up a good fight in the face of Fethiyespor \"an important 3 points to a critical week by printing our household , we sit in the seat of leadership ,\"he said .

Malatya news: Photo New Malatyaspor's home games for girls Türkan followed with Beryl Turban Ilhan Turban, said they were proud of the complete leader of weeks. Photo Turban, the league said they have a good series , \"We are happy to take our good go. Especially we live in the joy of living on this week leadership seat he lost points our competitors , \"he said.
\" they know our strength and defense are doing \"in the face of a Photo Fethiyespor voicing fought the good fight Turban, \"Match the first minutes in goal if we had , would pass more comfortable match . the opponent here comes the defense're having a hard time finding the goals for which they mainly play . we have seen in this match , we have seen in other games. they know the Malatya team . they know our strength. that's why'points are points'say'they are lying on the score. they fought until the last minute of the game our players today . we put a nice performance. we know how to win and we opened our front . There Aydınspor 1923 match ahead of us . We series, we want to continue capturing \"he said.
\" WE WANT TO STAY IN THIS CHAIR \"Photo Turban , stating that they want to become permanent in the leadership position , \"Leadership seat is a heavy seat. It is not easy to stay there . It requires much study to become a permanent seat . He worked so hard for , then we should love seat . As long as the unity, this team will bring the championship to this city , \"he said .

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