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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 15:50

Sports Toto 2 League

Sports Toto 2 League
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Sports Toto 2 League coach of the New Malatyaspor White Group team Mustafa Ugur , maintaining leadership and leaders said they wanted to finish the season .

Malatya news: Photo TFF Training Course Uğur in a statement to reporters , stating that they have the joy of being again the leader in the league's 12th week , said they want to maintain their leadership. Photo experienced technical man , stating that they received an important three points against Fethiyespor , \"Competition would not go easy telling every time. we play tough competition. in particular, competition is not very healthy in the city. Because from where ever leaving with 7-8 people from the team , without breaking the blocks , the play's lead is more difficult for us . of course, the goal positions in değerlendiremeyince matches can not it be healthy. you can not be too already productive in such encounters . But something nice win whatever the circumstances. my players, I congratulate the victory they receive in Fethiyespor encounter. Indeed , taking a major victory , winning a week of lost points of our competitors, we sit in the seat of leadership . Leaders have for us important but leaders stay and finish the season as the leader of even greater importance. Competition we play with this belief and determination , Allah willing, we will have reached the New Malatyaspor target. Will not be easy but it will take us to the goal of faith and unity , \"he said .
\" We are doing our best to achieve our CHAMPIONSHIP DREAM \"Photo Ugur, New Malatyaspor is championship dream and realize this dream he said they were doing their utmost to . on behalf of reach voicing Championship Photo taken various risks experienced technical man, said:\"You have to take risks when various success. These risks occurred in the positive direction today our behalf. We knew we'd win when we win a lot. We feel the need to play in the striker defender Ersin Parents across Fethiyespor . Natural in football , we have made a tactical change. I think we've seen the benefits of it. No success without risk . We always say ,'something that does not happen without imagination .'Because We also have our championship dream , we strive to do our best whatever it takes to get there on behalf of reach . \"Photo \" TEAM Our family atmosphere YES \"
Ugur, the friendship between the players themselves that he was very pleased and said that he believes will bring about the success of this partnership . Ugur pointed out that the Photo team in the family environment , \"a football team becomes champion with a lot of things. But it is not made ​​too much of a family atmosphere . This team is the most important feature is that of a family environment. Players have a good dialogue between groups . There are bonded together as a family . Besides, work is very important for success in severity . This is a great opportunity for us , \"he said .
\" ALL COMPETITION A FINAL air we PREPARES \"noted that they see the final look at every event in the Photo League Ugur, \"Sports Toto 2 League White Group, they considered weaker than the Red Group . I think the exact opposite. This group is not a weak group. In this group, each team can beat any team. Konya, Anatolia is Selçuklusp weeks ago , and the Gulf İskenderunspor Ofspor taking the series win , we can see where they come from . If you lack concentration , lose the competition in this group. So we are very strict in effort to keep our jobs. Because the name and the goal of winning every competition going , we have to play in the final. If we have problems we exit this mode . In this sense, we and our players will not step back from this approach. Each competition for us will be final and will be prepared with the same seriousness in every competition , \"he said. Photo experienced coach, won the Aydınspor 1923 match , said they wanted to continue in a good way on the road , \"For us, the internal field , outfield no understanding. Aydınspor 1923 will be a difficult match apparent . Visiting will play a final game. We want to win this final match . We get to know our opponent. We are preparing accordingly. Aydin with a desire to win competitions will go , \"he said .

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