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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 16:00

Sports Toto 2 League

Sports Toto 2 League
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Sports Toto 2 League of New Malatyaspor White Group team tactics worked.

Malatya news:
League the 12th week of group again led to rising yellow-red team, Aydınspor 1923 encounter of continued preparations.
TFF Training Course, coach Mustafa training lasted 1 hour and 30 minutes, directed by Ugur. Training began with the smooth running and warming up . Training continued with short passes and tackling working in a confined area , tactical ended after the match-weighted double-castle .
The other hand, New Malatyaspor stopper Koray Sanli and defender Emre Toraman , spoke to reporters after training.
yellow-red team's stopper Koray Sanli , stating that they were happy to get back on leadership , said they did not want to leave his leadership position.
glorious face of Fethiyespor stated that they received an important victory , \"We have fought the good fight as a team Fethiyespor match . we have a little difficulty in the face Fethiyespor . the reason we strain , we could not turn save the position we found. Golem trans if the node would be solved. worth of gold a goal last minute of Ramadan , we get 3 points . we received 3 points we sat in the back seat of leadership , \"he said .
Aydınspor 1923 team with experienced players will play voicing a tough encounter, said:
\"There are no easy games in this league . The 8 week league Aydınspor 1923 has not been defeated . We will meet with a team of self-confidence. It will fight against a team . We know our strength . Güçteyiz win. We overcome Hopefully this match . \"
New Malatyaspor defender Emre Toraman said they want to maintain the winning streak . < Br/> they experience the joy of being a leader in the Group emphasizes the veteran defender , \"Fethiyespor was a difficult match for us. The opposing team had nothing to do with football. They make it difficult game , hold from 1 minute up to 90 minutes . We chase the lead until the last minute as a team . We'd love to match . We took our 3 score. We sit in the seat of leadership . Happy. We continue the series we catch Hopefully , \"he said .
Toraman, Aydınspor leave the win the 1923 encounter, said they wanted to maintain a good flow . Attention they play a tough encounter Visiting a Photo Toraman, \"will be difficult Aydınspor 1923 match . The most recent example Fethiyespor . Status was obvious . But they are doing their best to get points. There are no easy teams in this league for him. We want to win as a team. We will do our best. I hope the winners come from there , we want to maintain our leadership , \"he said .

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