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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 14:25

Sports Toto Super League

Sports Toto Super League
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Sports Toto Super League week 8 Chelsea , Istanbul Basaksehir were the guests .

Ankara news: The first half of the fight finished goalless equality . Photo match Minutes ( FIRST HALF) Photo 8 . round leather auta won a corner kick on the left wing, sent the ball to the back post last mossoro the penalty area the ball well per head rising Epureanu beats per minute .
19 . minutes on the right side of the ball meets the Viscaya into the center of the penalty area before the ball finds it less Madureira's penalty shot over the bow leather round the castle sent to different areas of the game came out .
23 . minutes was tipped Chelsea sudden attack on the right wing after Marwan leather round a shot from just Stancu'yu controlling the ball in from close range to the steel cobwebs from the corner of the penalty area goalkeeper Volkan at the last moment . Nizamettin won the corner kick . This player is the best rising Mike's header sent the ball into the goal area did not allow a goal keeper Volkan again .
37 . minutes in Istanbul hard shot the ball sent to the castle over Mahmoud penalty arc Basaksehir multiplying Semih within the goal area went top narrowly wide. Photo STAT:Ankara 19 Mayıs Photo REFEREES:Mete Kalkavan xx , Emre Bayık xx , Ceyhan's Sesigüzel xx Photo GENÇLERBİRLİĞİ:Dahl's xx , Hakan xx , Ahmet Çalık xx , Tosic xx , Ugur xx , Nature xx , Antal xx Gosso xx Nizamettin xx , Marwan xx Stancu xx Photo RESERVES Ramadan , Sadat , Irfan Can, Petrovic, Tomic, Berat, Artur's Photo COACH: Irfan Ice Photo ISTANBUL BAŞAKŞEHİR: Volcano xx Uğur xx , Yalcin xx Epurea xx , Ferhat xx , Visca xx , Sadat xx , Mahmoud xx , East xx , mossoro xx , Semih xx ​​Photo RESERVES:Horizons , Sezer, Perbet , Alparslan , Rotman , Young , Smith < br/> COACH: Abdullah Avci Photo YELLOW CARD: Nature ( Chelsea )

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