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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Ekim 2014, Pazartesi 15:25

Sports Week on September 1 as input to Uluoy Leader

Sports Week on September 1 as input to Uluoy Leader
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Cluster League competitions Gediz Gediz-Emet 1.Amat 4 matches in a play has been completed.

Kütahya news: In the first match on Saturday week
as a leader who has experienced Muhip Fatih Sports Youth Sports and Gediz . Match two of the most talked Gediz Youth Sports Club, one of his penalty save by keeper were Mehmet Ali . 1 score keeper who owes his Muhip Fatih Sports Youth Sports and Gediz was 2-2 .
In other matches played yesterday Gediz Power Sports, met with Eskigediz Municipality Gazi Sports . Match of the week was the most goals in the matches . A total of 10 goals were enjoyable to watch football . The two teams tied 5-5 .
In the second match of the day Erdoğmuş Sports, Sports Yeşilçay entertained. Comfortable won by a score of 4-0 matches . If the last match of the day to Uluoy was played between September 1 Sports and Sports Emet . And while all good matches between the two teams in the referee's wrong decision overturned two teams play . Albeit difficult Uluoy to September 1 Sport 2-1 by winning this week lossless closing the leadership sat down .
Uluoy to September 1 Sports Club President Muhittin Erturk, after the game , said , \"We played against teams more active games exhibit . Course each team to win plays . If a team our maçımıza full squad come next week 6-7 as artillery missing from coming off this week, we played games in the bleachers competitor's side cheering engaged in the Gediz team that said we are one those who say Hail . the same time , the referee a bad game to manage but in spite of everything Uluoy to September 1 Sports Club Gediz'i us in the best way , our young people and sports other duruşumuzla , undaunted by Allah's leave our way will continue, \"he said.
3.Haft the Match Results:
Uluoy to 1 September Sports Sports
Gediz Emet 2-1 2-2 Muhip Fatih Youth Sports Sports
Erdoğmuş Gediz Power Sports 5-5 Sports 4-0 Yeşilçay Sports
Municipality Gazi Sports
4 Eskigediz in .Haf Match Program:
Yeşilçay Sports-Youth Sports
Eskigediz Gediz Municipality Gazi Sports-Sports
Muhip September 1 to Uluoy Fatih Sports-Sports
Emet Gediz Power Sports-Sports Erdoğmuş

Sports Week on September 1 as input to Uluoy Leader" comments for.


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