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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 22:28

Spring Festival of Roma in Nazilli Enthusiasm

Spring Festival of Roma in Nazilli Enthusiasm
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The Spring Festival is considered as a harbinger of spring and the Nazillil Kakava Roma festival , celebrated amused .

Aydın news: The Spring Festival is considered as a harbinger of spring and the Nazillil Kakava Roma festival , celebrated amused .
majority of Roma live in Nazilli Liberation Quarter catchers Locality Kakava fire burned 3 times jumping from the top of wish and then dance and sing novels of the Spring Festival celebrated in a joyful way . Speaking on behalf of the Roma musicians
Nazillil Unsal Steel, Spring Festival is based on a fairly old history of this celebration is transferred from generation to generation until today stated that it has reached . Keeping a tradition alive in the city life , the people of the winter season with the arrival of spring to relax and have fun and hope to refresh the Spring Festival and the festival say they are doing Kakava Unsal Steel ; \"May 5 May 6 on the night of our novel of the spring is a holiday . These celebrations within the framework of Mangalia us , our tea our conversation appetizer we will book the relatives with relatives together we are . These celebrations at the end of the night two rak'ahs prayed praying our night we conclude . Kakava bonfire hundred years our ancestors our grandfathers from tradition. 300 households in our neighborhood that have novel about a thousand-500 thousand happening . these novels in unity and solidarity we can be proud of , \"he said .
Neighborhood residents Sule not in blood ; \"23 years catchers position I'm sitting on . Originally Antalya Aksekiliy and not a novel , but above all I am very pleased . This is my neighborhood and with them almost integrates did . 10 neighborhoods if they show their neighborhood to give up my . Previously, tire-burning incidents happened, but no longer happens. Their music stealing , having fun , no No harm to anyone . wish everyone like them there may be , \"he said.
and festivals of this kind ; people to engage with each other , explaining that allows them to live with respect and love Unsal Steel, Spring Festival also celebrated by cultures living in Turkey , recalling that different asked for support from the municipality . Participate in the festivities of the tiny belly dance beats and their families and the audience happy , while the novel is quite cheerful women were at the core hours . Out of the fire burning in celebration Kakava many citizens had fun jumping hearts'.

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