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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 15:25

Sri Lanka, Turkey, Izmir Chamber of Commerce with the first official agreement signed

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Izmir Chamber of Commerce (Iztok) and the Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka in Colombo, the sister of room for negotiation, Iztok Chairman Ekrem Demirtas and Wijerante Bharathi was signed between Ambassador of Sri Lanka.

Wijerante, there are 15 months in Turkey, said:"This is the first formal agreement signed, on behalf of my country, Turkey. Embassy The first official deal."she said.

Faiszer Sri Lanka Deputy Minister of Investment Promotion Mohamed Musthapha, Ambassador Wijerante and his delegation visited Iztok President Demirtas. Deputy Minister Musthapha, peace in the country in the 30 years after the war, said that they achieved a rapid development and economic. By 7.5 per cent stated that they are one of the fastest growing economies of Southeast Asia, Mustapha,'re connected between the two countries is good, said they wanted to further develop economic relations. Mohamed Mustapha,"a large delegation composed of members of room to entertain in our country, we want to show that the investment opportunities in place. Room is also the country with the Chamber of Commerce in Colombo, the capital of the signing of an agreement between the rooms, we also want a sister."she said. Indicating that the Deputy Minister Mustapha visited Izmir Free Zone, Izmir and Turkey will also visit other economic organizations and regions, İZTO'nun said they wanted to benefit from the experience in this regard. 10 per cent of the country's population consists of Muslims, and he also emphasized that a Muslim Mustapha, was very much appreciated that the secular nature of Turkey, a secular country of Sri Lanka, he said.

Demirtas Turkey Europe's fastest growing economy, noting that the similarity between them and drew attention to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka will start working for a large business delegation to visit the transfer Demirtas, rapid economic growth after the war, the strengthening of the relations between this country and Izmir pointed out that both sides will benefit. Ekrem Demirtas,"is not at the desired level of bilateral trade between the two countries, we need to increase. Sri Lanka, Turkey around the country out of the reach of 130 million people in the market. Mr. Minister wants to experience any kind of way, knowledge transfer, ready to help. Countries have to know each other. information on the invitation of Sri Lanka and the country immediately forward it to all our members.", he said.

' BASED ON 105 YEARS OF HISTORY relationship with the Ottoman Empire YES' Demirtas, Iztok room with a sibling of the Chamber of Commerce in Colombo to sign the agreement immediately and will send through the Deputy Minister Mustapha said. After the meeting the delegation to Sri Lanka this positive agreement has been signed between the two rooms. The agreement on behalf of Iztok Demirtas, Bharathi Wijerante Ambassador in Colombo signed on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce. The opening of the embassy in Turkey last year, and he also served 15 months Wijerante specifies that,"between the two countries, based on the 105-year relationship with the Ottoman Empire, although the embassy was opened last year and I'm the first büyükelçiyim. Today we are living in a historic day, because Turkey ' During the period of time where I sign a formal agreement on behalf of my country for the first time. Embassy level, and therefore I am very happy the first formal agreement."she said. Wijerante, İzmir, and in particular the development of relations between the two countries were very enthusiastic about the agreement, said he believes it will prove to be very useful in this respect. Active strategy followed in Turkey, adding that seven regions will sent seven honorary consuls, honorary consuls in Izmir Akçura Oguz, he added.

Sri Lanka, Turkey, Izmir Chamber of Commerce with the first official agreement signed" comments for.


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