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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 11:09

SSI applications for debt restructuring process began to take their

SSI applications for debt restructuring process began to take their
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Zonguldak Provincial Directorate of Social Security and district central offices , bags made ​​by law for the debt restructuring process began receiving applications .

Zonguldak news: SSI
Zonguldak Province Director Judy Acer , some restructuring of receivables with the enactment of the law begin the application stated that the restructuring . Acer , the statement said:
\"As is known, 09.10.2014 dated and 6552 numbered labor laws and decrees amending the some of the receivables to reconfigure the law 09.11.2014 dated and 29116 reiterated in the Official Gazette published entered into force . Pouches legislation introduced by the debt restructuring process applications for Zonguldak Social Security Provincial Directorate and in the districts of the Central Directorate our have been taken . 2,014 in April and pre-on , 10 September 2014 until the date of accrual despite not paid , provided the Law No. 5510 of Article 4 of the first paragraph (a), (b) and (c) covered by the insurance of their status (SSK , Bag-Kur , the Pension Fund ) , resulting insurance premiums, unemployment insurance contributions , pension deduction and corporate money , perquisites, bonus and social security support premium . Configuration have been applied for the opportunity to get up at the date of payment of insurance premiums and communities that have optional insurance premium debts . Stamp duty , special operations and training contribution tax debts . the special nature of the construction works on the subject of the tender is missing labor insurance premium is calculated on the amount in arrears. With universal health insurance debts arising from general health insurance premiums . Social security law, according to the retirement or old-age pension while receiving institutions and organizations in the workplaces because of work pensions must be cut to 11 September 2014 following the date of payment until the period unwarranted paid is determined that the monthly payables related to . Law No. 5510 on the prescribed obligations are not fulfilled due to the April 30, 2014 until the date of acts committed on administrative fines debt and all the related late payment penalties and default interest and legal interest in the restructuring are covered . Configuration application for our general health insurance premiums owed ​​seven months and the deadline for applications is 30 April 2015 . All other debtors are required to apply for our institution and within 3 months , the deadline
species December 31, 2014 . Examples of application forms for each type of debt Provincial Directorate and is available from the Central Office , as well as our organization website to the application form ( is ) can be obtained from the page . Borrower our configuration within the scope of their debts in cash or in two-month period as of 6, 9, 12 and 18 equal installment payments possible is located , the borrower of our application in the form of installment chosen one must pay . Installment payment terms of Article 60 of Law No. 5510 (g) status of the general health insurance premium receivables of May 31, 2015 falls on a Sunday is due to arrive on June 1 , 2015 . 4 of the Act under Article insurance status arising from the insurance premium payable , 5335 Law No. Article 30 of the Statute enters unwarranted salaries, administrative fines on its own behalf studies other legislation stopped because those 31, January 2015 saturday come across due February 2, 2015 the first installment of the last day is the last day of payment of the advance payment is requested . For the first time income test will apply to the insured 31 March 2015 until the social welfare foundations applying the general health insurance registrations from the start date of test results will be updated and set premiums according to the level premiums to be accrued . Until 1 June 2015, upon payment of any interest will be charged for these receivables . Resen universal health insurance made ​​from these materials come into force before the date of the income test has been performed , but the income level of the minimum wage than twice as low as that has been established this determination prior to the general health insurance premiums unpaid time income test results according to the registration start date and will be updated , but the premium paid for the period will be performing an update will be made as good as any in return
. Cash payment request was made but payment period payment at the end there is not a calendar year in more than two installments violations before they occur requested and the current month premium in terms of a very difficult situation state without the more than two payment obligations violation of the fact that registration with payment in advance applications will be requested number of installments in accordance with regulations can be made . Introduced by Law No. 6552 in order to benefit from these rights , the Insured and our debt to our organization our employers , our Provincial Directorate and the Central expect us . \"

SSI applications for debt restructuring process began to take their" comments for.


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