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  • 08 Kasım 2012, Perşembe 16:57

SSPC, announced the TOEFL exam intakes

SSPC, announced the TOEFL exam intakes
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Candidates entrance exam 2012 fall semester KDPS documents, ID number and password from the internet be able to OSYM.

Exam i ( TOEFL ) autumn period for the exam candidates will be logged documents, ID number and password SSPC 's ​​reportedly receive from the internet.

According to a written statement made by Presidency of SSPC, 18 November, the candidates admitted to the exam, the exam Appointment will enter the building and the halls were completed.

Candidates will enter the exam entrance exam papers showing the location information, ID number and password from the internet that can ​​OSYM.

candidate will take the examination on the document center, building, living room information will photo. Input documents will not be sent to candidates for the exam. Candidates are gathered from the internet examination of these documents in color or black-and-white output to keep them. No writing on the back side of a document, a picture, the absence of signs is required. Otherwise, the candidate's exam will be considered invalid. This document will not be exam candidates who do not. The statement also advised candidates to the test will actually see buildings made before the date of examination.

Entrance exam to enter the examination of candidates approved a special identity document with photo and other documents required to possess and maintain. Birth certificate, passport, mandatory military service, the sooner/erbaşlarla military military ID card for students, and their legal heirs quitted the permission of Turkish citizenship pink/blue cards will be treated as a special identity card.

Other than these, driver's license, professional ID cards will not be recognized as valid documents for entry into all the other documents for the exam. The statement, as well as the population to be cold stamp your wallet, there is a photograph of the candidate's date, the Republic of Turkey as well as the identification number of the passport be valid at time alerts were made. Otherwise, these documents will not be accepted.

This is a candidate for documents which do next to complete, no matter what excuse for the exam to be taken. Even when the exam for the exam will be considered invalid.

SSPC, announced the TOEFL exam intakes" comments for.


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