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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 11:54

Staff were awarded in the month Balcalı

Staff were awarded in the month Balcalı
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Cukurova University Hospital personnel working in Balcalı rewarded by an application become traditional.

Adana news: Each month the various units serving in a staff employee of the month seçiliyor.uygul set, including this month's staff cafeteria-fold Ersin of the cleaning staff Ahmet father of the kitchen was Arikan . Photo Balcali Hospital services received by Chief of Staff ceremony at the cafeteria of the hospital with the assistance of the competent company Chief Prof . Dr. Jade Tasova , Chief Assistant Professor Dr. Dincer Yıldızdaş , Assistant Hospital Director Ramadan Cakir, Assistant Hospital Director Sultan ogrular , services authorized company CEO joined other names with Text Ocalan . Photo Award ceremony before speaking service procurement company authorized General Manager Text Öcalay staff to implement the last month they start , get a little bit of the motivation of the employees noted that the objectives of friends pull up . Ocalan also traditionally emphasized the application will continue every month. Photo spoke afterwards Balcalı Hospital Chief Prof. Dr. The jade Tasova referring to such practices is extremely important , Balcalı in a long-term unity and solidarity with all the employees at the hospital was underlined that they intended to continue the path . The staff of the bear Taşova also celebrates the selected employees, \"Actually all colleagues who served with great devotion in Balcalı Hospital is the staff of the month for us .\"Let the staff of the month following the
Speech from the cleaning staff to the selected cafeteria-floor kitchen of the Ahmed Baba Arikan'Chief Prof. awards Dr. Jade Tasova , Chief Assistant Professor Dr. Yıldızdaş Dincer , Vice President Ramadan Cakir Hospital , Assistant Hospital Director Sultan ogrular , service procurement company was authorized by the General Manager Metin Ocalan .


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