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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 15:21

Stampede has happened in Usak Store Opening

Stampede has happened in Usak Store Opening
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The future of Turkey , one of the largest furniture brand , has opened a new store in Usak .

Uşak news: Opening the stampede took place . Photo Istikbal Furniture , has added a new link to the chain stores in Usak . Uşaklı entrepreneurs Sezgin Foreground , Unal Özkaç and Seda established by Özdemir bud Istikbal Furniture's glorious past opening ceremony Boydak Holding CEO Mamdouh Boyd , Boyd Holding Managers , Gürpınar Chairman of the Group Executive Board Free Keçeci, civil society organizations-leaders, industrialists-businessmen and citizens attended. Seda Ozdemir Furniture bud partner, Gürpınar President Boyd Holding Group Board of Directors and CEO of the Free Keçeci Mamdouh opening ribbon with prayers from Boyd's speech was interrupted and then passed prepared cocktail. Submission advantageous prices for many products has led to the confluence with the opening of the store in the store. The opening is taken scramble scramble Product citizens compete fairly with one another . Photo Store eventually Seda Özdemir opening partner, all the guests on behalf of themselves and their partners, thank you for being with them in the happy days and offered his gratitude.

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