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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 18:14

Start enthusiastically in Aibusi Graduation Ceremonies

Start enthusiastically in Aibusi Graduation Ceremonies
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Abant Izzet Baysal University, Vocational High School of Menger's first graduation ceremony was held with great enthusiasm .

Bolu news: Abant Izzet Baysal University, Vocational High School of Menger's first graduation ceremony was held with great enthusiasm .
the first time this year, every school , vocational school and college graduation ceremonies will be done separately Meng first started in the Vocational School . Izzet Baysal Culinary Arts Program at a ceremony held at the Cultural Center of the 16th period of 80 graduate students stepped into the culinary profession by oath . Delivering the opening speech of the ceremony Meng Associate Director of the Vocational School . Dr. . Nihal Doğan , the 17th year of the founding of colleges in the 16th graduation ceremony, said they experienced the joy of performing . Meng myoma culinary industry since 1997 with 500 saves , emphasizing that head cook Assoc. Dr. . Dogan, \"Our school in Turkey associate degree opened the first culinary school is one of the . Only professional culinary field currently 160 students training are provided. Vocational School of experts in the field , experience in the sector , with academics chief staff of Turkey's economy, skilled manpower are trained. 2-year culinary program students , culinary arts and gastronomy science all the subtlety with qualified chefs are grown. Today our school graduates hundreds of head cook anywhere in the world works , both in our country and Turkish cuisine as well as our university and our schools successfully represent , \"he said . < br/> in his speech, Prof. Mengen Referring to the culinary history . Dr. . Dogan, \"Every households cook brings Mengen reputation, Fatih Sultan Mehmet after conquering the palace surpassed digits Mengen Jacob Agha's a pasha helped to form begins. Received in the palace surpassed household and kitchen Mengen cooks cultivation of a return to school and here cooks and all that grows in large cities in the Ottoman city of culinary fame by taking up . Mengen Ataturk is also the cook , \"he said .
who attended the ceremony , Rector of the UfM . Dr. . Mengen a mark in the culinary charitable Coskun said that the university's efforts to take the brand even further noted that it is within . Mengen gastronomy in the area just in Turkey but also a world-class training center target ran into an expression that Coskun, \"in Mengen two-year Culinary Arts program with a 4-year Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Department students education continues . Hopefully, in the next step in cookery and M.Sc. and Ph.D. studies will be made , \"he said.
plenty Mayor Aladdin Yilmaz university in Mengen in a fast way schoolboy cooks trained to attract attention, \"Many in the competition schoolboy cooks sarcastic stay behind not in front of them is going through . Business in finding no problems a non-professional . Eating section with this brand now fully prove the will and in the coming years the Turkish culinary art deyince plenty Meng brand in the exact place where you'll be seated , \"he has included .
after the speeches, students lecturer Fuat Bayram with the culinary Oath did . Splendour in the third period after the oath Göklüoğlu Turhan Cloud Mayor Meng , period Erhan do not come first if the Mayor of Bolu Aladdin Yilmaz was given by the graduation certificates . Burak second period with a lisp only foreign student in college Uyghur origin of Chinese citizens Reila Abulimiti Rector graduation documents . Dr. . Hound was given by Coates . The President congratulated the students Coskun, our 4-year foreign students to study in the Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts has invited the university . At the ceremony, the graduation certificates to other students Assoc. Dr. . Nihal Dogan was given by the teaching staff .

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