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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 15:58

Start in Manisa School Sports

Start in Manisa School Sports
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Manisa Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Sports organized in 21 branches began school sports.

Manisa news: Manisa Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Sports organized in 21 branches began school sports.
operations involving schools in Manisa in school sports, will be fought in 21 different branches. Children athletics, badminton, basketball, rhythmic gymnastics, artistic gymnastics, soccer, futsal, wrestling, handball, folk dance, judo, karate, track and field, table tennis, orienteering, chess, step aerobics, taekwondo, tennis, volleyball and swimming in the branches of our province national and to represent in international competitions will be in a cutthroat race. 833 thousand tiny school sports teams will struggle, stars and teenagers will be held in 3 categories including. Commenting on the issue found in the Youth Services and Sports City Manager Murat Özmekik, school sports program, children sports meet, noting that"Youth and Sports Ministry and the Ministry of Education organized by the joint project in schools with children in sports meet had the opportunity. Province in our life the project, many thanks our child is doing sports. Province held across school sports schools in 21 different branches will fight. these branches activities throughout the year to the spread of education during the course of our children at all times in sport intertwined to be aimed. This week, basketball, futsal, handball and volleyball branches competitions began. Ago Our school district who are successful in their later struggled and provinces with teams from other cities will compete to become champion. then provincial champions will struggle to become the champion of Turkey,"he said. School sport in the basic objective of the children's sports Providing the meeting pointed out that the City Manager Murat Özmekik,"our children at an early age sports to bring together schools is of great importance is. Our children sports meet and continuity of this in ensuring school sports is a tool. School sports in the win before our children do not exercise ages will thrill,"he said. Özmekik also be followed by school sports coaches and athletes here selected as the successful performance of the children drew attention to.

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