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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 16:49

Start in Sakarya Caddesi Studies

Start in Sakarya Caddesi Studies
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Sakarya Caddesi , explaining that the start of renovation work Toçoğlu Mayor Zeki , \"God willing, we started the project in the arteries than 2 thousand 500 meters long, will have a nice view .

Sakarya news: Regional artisans and our city to get better , \"he said .
Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, a new urban design project than is implementing . Earlier trades from the request of the city's major arteries , the Atatürk Avenue and Elm Street projects implemented a similar Sakarya Street is being held on . study of the New Mosque at the junction starts explaining Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu of the project will be beneficial wished .
President Toçoğlu , \"more modern, more livable cities with the goal of our work without interruption continue . In response to demand from our tradesmen before Ataturk Boulevard and Elm Street were renewed, Fire Street, Shawls and Slots Street had crossed more modern look . Now on Sakarya Caddesi are implementing a new project . I hope the work we started this project, 2 thousand 500-meter-long artery is more beautiful appearance will have , \"he said . Area shopkeepers and citizens from studies not to be disturbed necessary sensitivity will show the description Add to President Toçoğlu ,\"Stone and border tiles Our work during the day , excavation and concreting Our work is the street is more relaxed in the evening will continue. I hope the project will be completed within a short time . Regional artisans and our city to get better, \"he said .
Municipality Sakarya Street Design Project of footpaths and medians of being renewed. Disabled citizens designed to use the walking paths , as well as landscaping and new city lighting with the street look more beautiful will become . the project is connected with the D-650 necessary arrangements will be made in the artery in the third roundabout .


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