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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 11:46

Start of Beyşehir School Sports Twitter

Start of Beyşehir School Sports Twitter
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Beyşehir district of Konya , \"school sports \"excitement began .

Konya news: Photo scope of the protocol signed between the Ministry of Education , Youth and Sports in Beyşehir as the whole country began school sports activities . To support education by both ministries , to popularize the sport in school-aged children and youth , sports activities initiated to ensure that intelligent and agile people will continue until November 17 . School sports activities in Beysehir Muzaffer Başıbüyük Governor , District Youth Services and Sports Director Mehmet Bayindir was initiated by the District Education Director startle given by Moses Guest . Small scope school sports, football in the stars and youth categories , futsal , to be held in basketball and volleyball competitions will run until November 17th. Photo Schools following results were obtained on the first day of volleyball competition:\"Young girls:Anatolia IHL 2-Beyşehir High School 0 , Kubadabat Vocational High School of Commerce High School 2-Cahit Zarifoğlu 1. Young men Photo:Beyşehir KML 2-Health Professions High School 1 , Cahit Zarifoğlu High School High School 1-Beyşehir 2. \"

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